Friday, November 7, 2008

Things that will make me seem old to my kids...

In no particular order...
1. I remember when CD players (for music) were the totally new thing. DVD players took awhile after that. I NEVER thought my tapes would become obsolete!

2. I spent my entire childhood and much of my adolescence without access to the internet. Everything was looked up in books. (How did I survive?) AOL was the Big Thing and everyone loved hearing their computer say "You've got mail" as they logged on.

3. Of course, during most of my life (oh up until maybe 6 months ago) the idea of a black president was "Oh it's never gonna happen."

4. Just in looking at old pictures of wardrobe will make me seem really old. As a baby I'm always wearing 70's fashion. My brother is always wearing little "nutter" shorts with his socks pulled up his calves. Don't forget the two thick stripes on the socks. Then of course came junior high when I started getting my hair permed and wearing two socks at once. If I wore a pink shirt and white shorts then I wore a pink sock and a white sock on each foot and scrunched them down so you could see both colors. And I alternated the combo on the other foot.

5. I'm sure my children will get tired of hearing me say "You know when I went to Gladstone Elementary, this (gesturing across the street) was nothing but strawberry fields!" Of course now where the strawberry fields used to be is the Glendora Home Depot, Sam's Club, Kohl's etc...

There are a few things that make my parents seem old to me...
1. The biggest one that always sticks out in my mind is my dad telling me that when he was a kid Cola was in cans the way tomato sauce is in a can and you needed one of those triangle bottle openers to pop a little hole in the top. That kills me.

2. The fact that when my mother went to school it was mandatory that girls wear dresses unless it was raining. That must have been torture for mom.

3. When my dad was in school, if you were really bad you were sent to the gym teacher and he'd swat your butt once with a paddle. This doesn't make my parents seem old, but it does make me marvel at how things in the school system have changed.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

President Barack Obama is Elected!

Wow. What an amazing election year it has been. This is something I know I'll remember all my life. When I first saw Barack Obama step out onto that stage, after being announced as the next president, with his wife and two children, I was so moved I couldn't help but cry. This is such a big deal in American history that I can hardly believe it's happened. I think a lot of others feel the same. It must feel amazing as a black person to know the head-honcho in the White House is someone who looks like you and has a family who looks like yours. It's stunning because it truly is an image that we've never seen before, and one that many thought we never would see. I really like that they are a traditional family: Mom, Dad, kids, a dog. I think it is good for our country to see that!

I was also moved as I saw footage of reaction from around the world. The French, English, Indonesians, Africans, and Muslims all are hopeful of the future relationships they can build with the United States. To see them cheering just as much as American citizens made me realize how incredibly priviledged I am to be able to vote for a position that means so much to the rest of the world. That is quite a responsibility.

I wasn't sure who I was going to vote for right up to the very end. I am happy for Barack Obama, but his policies and views are too liberal for me. However, I was never happy with the Republican choice of Sarah Palin as the Vice President. Ever since the day she was announced I've found myself waivering back and forth between parties. I feel that she was chosen simply because she is a woman and she is able to "box check" all of the right boxes for those who perhaps followed Mike Huckabee as religious conservatives.

In the very last moment I voted for Obama. I have concern that if John McCain were to die (being 73 with a history of recurring cancer) that Sarah Palin is not ready to be President. I have much more confidence in the Obama/Biden partnership in that respect. But I did really like John McCain.

Of course I am delighted with the outcome from Proposition 8. That was a stunner as well. I truly was not expecting that outcome living here in such a liberal state. It is believed that the larger number of African American citizens turning out to vote for Obama is what likely boosted YES votes for Prop 8. Reports are showing that in general whites opposed the measure, blacks supported it, and hispanics were basically down the middle. A lot of responses from people who voted for Obama but also voted YES on 8 sounded a lot like "Well if it's not right in the Bible, then it's not right in life."

I also voted Yes on Prop 4 and that didn't pass.

Those were my only three votes. What with Jason throwing away my General Election guide, JJ's cast, Frannie's flu, then Jason's flu, I didn't have time to sit down and educate myself properly on the other measures. I don't believe in blind voting so if I don't know what I'm voting for I skip it. Jason couldn't vote. He was home all day in bed sick with the flu. (Cross your fingers, I'm still fine.)

My Yes on 8 sign is now off my lawn and I'm deciding what to do with it. Part of me is considering folding it up and keeping it as an election momento. For now, I think that's what I'll do!

God Bless America and God Bless Barack Obama as he leads our country.

Monday, November 3, 2008

No one breathe the air in my home...

Now Jason and my mom are both honking...What the heck?

I feel fine! But I must admit I'm nervous about whatever is lurking in my house.