Friday, November 30, 2007

Birdie Boy

My little Adam J. is a birdie boy. He spends the day caw! caw! cawing like a bird. To others who hear him over the phone, it sounds like high pitched screaming. But he's not upset. Just excited. He stands in his exersaucer jumping and flapping his arms up and down up and down like penguin wings. When I'm walking him around I feel so much energy from his little body. He is doing birdie arms and kicking his legs and if he could jump out of my arms and walk all around the house he would. This boy is eager to move.

Here is a picture from our trip to Disneyland this week. Just look at those legs! You can really see the energy in them and his feet. (And yes, I did take note that he has perfect 1st position feet!)

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I'm very proud of my Adam. In addition to all the bird calls, he has now mastered the letter B. Bob bob bob bob is his new favorite word. Last month he loved to look at me and say the letter G. Gggggggggggggg. Lots of gurgles and drawn out G's.

These days his finger is firmly planted in the corner of his mouth like a lolly pop stick. It's either his finger or full fist. And he's got lots of drool dripping everywhere. Good stuff! Of course I'm thinking he's working on popping some teeth through those gums, who knows, this could go on for awhile before he actually does get some teeth.

Here is a family picture you can see Adam with his lollypop finger.
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He is my sweet precious little guy and a bundle of joy and now I understand why everyone says "bouncing baby boy". He really DOES like to bounce, and jump, and flap, and caw!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mom's Diet

This afternoon as I was chewing on crusts of grilled cheese sandwich bread I realized that I have developed quite an interesting diet since becoming a mother. What are the animals that come around and eat the leftovers once the lions have had their feed? Is it a hyena? Or some sort of scavenging bird like a vulture? Well whatever it is, I've become an after-eater.

When I make Frannie a sandwich, she won't eat the crusts. So if I leave them on, and cut the sandwich into quarters, that means she will eat exactly four bites. One corner at a time and she's done. If her mouth detects any sort of crust, the sandwich is rejected unless she is truly starving. Being that I am already exasperated by her bird eating habits and her uber-petite frame, I'm always trying to get her to eat more food. So, the simple answer to the sandwich problem is to simply cut off the crusts. If you've ever cut the crusts off of a child's sandwich you will see that it is quite a lot of food that ends up being wasted. After awhile of this, and of many other food items that are hastily discarded after a few three bites, it becomes apparent that much of our food bill is being thrown right into the trashcan every single day.

So I've developed this habit of eating whatever she doesn't eat which means that the quality of my diet is often determined by the quality of hers. Leftover oatmeal, PB&J crusts, half bitten chicken nuggets, cold scrambled eggs, the yolks of hardboiled eggs (I rarely get any egg white), waffle remnants, bagel pieces, smooshed unga bar (unga=granola), and a just about anything else you can think of that has a half-moon taken out of it. That's my #1 course! If I haven't gotten filled up on her leftovers then I might make myself something more.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Things Are Lookin' Good

If all continues going as planned, we will close escrow next Friday!! November 30th is the exact date. This is so amazing.

Ok, a few of you have asked, so here's the lowdown.

It is located in North Pomona within Claremont school district boundaries. It is a townhouse w/ 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 stories and almost 1500 sq feet of living space. For us, it feels like a mansion. It is completely turn-key which was a real must for us since we don't have any extra money to be spending on fixing a place up. It has high ceilings, is light, bright and airy and it even has a little backyard. The woman who currently owns it has a degree in horticulture so she has landscaped it very nicely.

The best parts???

An attached garage! No more coin-op laundry for me. Jason is excited to have a place to store and work on all of his bikes.

Jason is also excited about the his and hers sinks in the master bath, and I'm excited about having a fireplace and mantle to hang our Christmas stockings. It feels like a real home.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Offer Has Been Accepted

That's right!!! I can't believe it. I am almost scared to get too excited. I hate the feeling of getting all worked up over something only to have it not turn out. I just hate that crashing disappointment. So I'm trying really hard to not squeal like a little girl and jump all over the place and just flip out. I'm going to stay composed.

At what point can we celebrate? When is it really for real? When we're handed the keys? Or when the inspection is complete? When our loan guy signs his papers? When? I want to know at what point I can really truly be excited and start thinking of this house as MY house?