Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On My Nightstand

This week I finished A Mother's Heart: A Look at Values, Vision, and Character for the Christian Mother by Jean Fleming. My friend Brenda was talking about it and showed it to me at her home and I asked if I could borrow it. It is a slim book, but filled with encouragement, suggestions, and a "call to action" attitude that I appreciate.

This book happened to have come into my life at a good time because my dear boy Adam has been just driving me so crazy it makes my head hurt. Last week I actually went into the garage to sit in my van and cry. Yes yes, boo hoo hoo.

Maybe it's the terrible twos. Maybe it's because he has 4 teeth coming in at once. Maybe it's just because that's how life is sometimes. Whatever it is he has been throwing so many tantrums I can barely stand it. It isn't just one or two tantrums, it's the all day crying over every little thing that has me seeing stars.

So the book has come in handy because it has a lot of advice about prayer and I've certainly been doing a lot of praying. Mostly for myself. I've been praying for grace. And I've been trying to focus on the long-range knowledge that one day I will look at my big son and long for the days when he was a squishy baby again. And I'm trying to remember that just because he's driving me nuts now, doesn't mean he'll be driving me nuts forever. (Oh Lord, I sincerely hope not!)

Anyway, I get the sense that this post is sounding like a downer. Don't feel sorry for me or anything! It's just part n' parcel to being a mother. Everyone has difficult days no matter what job they do.

And I do want my dear baby to know that I love him dearly. And I love his little laugh and his squishy legs and tushy. And I love the way he talks and how he can never get enough of any kind of ball. But I CAN do without the constant CRYING!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

0.99 Decorating

You can find these wall stickers at the Dollar Tree. The stickers here are $3 worth.

This is a great time of year to find great things at the dollar store. They have lots of garden stuff. Gloves, decorative pots, shiny hanging things for your garden, flags, stepping stones, and wind socks. They are also fully stocked for Easter. Cute animals, different baskets, basket grass, colored eggs, candy, toys, and kids crafts. Frannie made this necklace from a kit we got her at the Dollar Tree.

You don't need to spend much money at all to find nice things to make your home and garden feel ready for spring!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Dear Frannie Turns 4!

On Feb 16th, my dear girl turned 4 years old. There are some big reasons to be excited about being 4:
1. Being 4 means that you get four M&Ms instead of 3 for your after lunch treat.
2. Being 4 means that you have to take care of your own booty after going potty.
3. Being 4 means that you're "almost 5" according to Frannie. (I think this one is really funny, because she just always wants to be bigger and bigger and bigger. I think she thinks she'll catch up to Nicholas soon enough. Darn how he'll always be one year older!)

For her birthday we decided to throw her a little party. Sort of. First we sent out invites to throw her a big party at the park, but with the constant rain I decided to cancel it. So I talked to Doreen and we agreed that Nico and Catie could come by on Saturday and the kids could just play and we'd have some cake and ice cream. Done.

Weeeeelll...then I got an email from my Aunt Lisa that Rhiannon would really like to see Frannie and that she'd be disappointed if there were no party. I knew Frannie would love to see Rhiannon too, so I told them to come on by because we were going to have a small something at the house anyways. Done.

Then I got a phone message from Nataki asking if she could stop by on Friday or Saturday because Miriam hadn't seen Frannie in a long time. So I told her, no worries, we're having a little something at the house anyways. You know, cake, ice cream, some lunch, stop on by.

Suddenly it was Friday night and I wasn't feeling well. I told Jason "I don't feel good. My tummy kind of hurts. I think I'm just stressed." He said, "Well what is there to be stressed about?" And I told him about the food I needed to buy and party favors and on and on, and he says "Well what are you doing all of that for?"

"Don't you understand, we're having a party tomorrow!"

Somehow, a party was born bit by bit and on my list were 7 kids and 15 adults at least. And it had to be put together the next day. Even more showed up and it turned out to be a great party! Fortunately the weather was beautiful. So this is Francesca's party that was a "cancelled" party.

Family and Friends watching the kids play Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Hot Potato winner Nicholas w/ Catie and Frannie

Seth, Frannie and Miriam

Kids: Miriam, Omar, Nicholas, Seth, Catie, Ali, Frannie, Riley, Alana, Rhiannon, Clara

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are we human? OR ARE WE DANCER!?

Jason has had this song stuck in his head for weeks.

As a result of his constant singing, the kids have learned a new song!