Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Kids

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Dirty Messy Stinky Baby

I sure do love this baby...

But she's a mess...

A real mess...

Always a dirty, stinky, filthy ol' baby.

The other day I couldn't find her, and here she was upstairs asleep! (She can climb into her pack n play)

 But, what the heck is the white crap on her ear!?

 GROSS! What the heck is it!? she found my face lotion...There is always something with this kid!! 

She's my most feisty one yet screaming at me "Idowanto!" when it is time to go to bed or do anything else for that matter. 

But she's also kind of smart. She's fully poo poo potty trained at 20 months. (And yes that's a bit of a brag because I'm glad I don't have to lay her down and deal with her windmill legs and poop anymore.) And really, she learned fast! Pee is another matter, but she'll get there in a few more months. I'm often surprised with how much language she has. Even though she may not enunciate perfectly, she's got a word for almost everything. But she's a booger baby who does just what she pleases and pretty much runs the house. I work for Natalie. She's the boss.

Someone who reads this will think "Well you need to discipline your child!" And I do, and try to. But sometimes I think her almost two year old brain is smarter than my 32 year old one. How can someone so little be smarter than me and run me around? I don't know. Adam did this to me too. The boy kicked my butt for a year and a half before I finally started winning. So Natalie is kicking my butt and also being adorably cute at the same time. It's a dangerous combination because it means that I'm frustrated with her one minute, and then laughing at something she does (that I probably should be reprimanding her for) the next.