Friday, November 30, 2007

Birdie Boy

My little Adam J. is a birdie boy. He spends the day caw! caw! cawing like a bird. To others who hear him over the phone, it sounds like high pitched screaming. But he's not upset. Just excited. He stands in his exersaucer jumping and flapping his arms up and down up and down like penguin wings. When I'm walking him around I feel so much energy from his little body. He is doing birdie arms and kicking his legs and if he could jump out of my arms and walk all around the house he would. This boy is eager to move.

Here is a picture from our trip to Disneyland this week. Just look at those legs! You can really see the energy in them and his feet. (And yes, I did take note that he has perfect 1st position feet!)

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I'm very proud of my Adam. In addition to all the bird calls, he has now mastered the letter B. Bob bob bob bob is his new favorite word. Last month he loved to look at me and say the letter G. Gggggggggggggg. Lots of gurgles and drawn out G's.

These days his finger is firmly planted in the corner of his mouth like a lolly pop stick. It's either his finger or full fist. And he's got lots of drool dripping everywhere. Good stuff! Of course I'm thinking he's working on popping some teeth through those gums, who knows, this could go on for awhile before he actually does get some teeth.

Here is a family picture you can see Adam with his lollypop finger.
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He is my sweet precious little guy and a bundle of joy and now I understand why everyone says "bouncing baby boy". He really DOES like to bounce, and jump, and flap, and caw!

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