Monday, September 8, 2008

Workin' Out

So for some time, I've been trying to figure out how I am going to work physical fitness back into my life. As the saying goes "Use it or Lose it" and I don't want 10years to go by with me doing nothing purposeful about my health and all of a sudden I'm 40 with a real fitness problem on my hands. So here are the various options I've thought of:
1. We have a treadmill right there in our garage. I know, I know, this is brainless. I should just use the darn thing. But the problem is that running on a treadmill is really...really...boring. And the time just ticks by so slowly. True enough that once I'm finished I feel great, and running does get me in shape FAST. Realistically I could do 30 mins on the treadmill while the kids are sleeping in the afternoon. But for whatever reason I just don't do it. But perhaps it is something I could discipline myself to do.

2. Doreen keeps inviting me to go with her to the gym. She has a one month guest membership to LA Fitness and they have a Kids Club that I could use while I work out. I DO prefer group classes to solo exercise. The time goes by faster and I like having a class to report to. But so far I haven't taken her up on this offer for 3 reasons. #1 I just know Adam will not stay in the Kids Club. I know he will cry after 5 minutes and I will get paged out of my class. I just know this. So to me it seems pointless to even try this option. #2 An actual gym membership with the Kids Club is quite expensive. I think it is $29 per month plus $10 per kid for the Kids Club. Ouch. On the other hand, I have decided that I am willing to spend some money on exercise as long as it is something I genuinely use and stick with. #3 The timing of the classes cut right into Adam's nap time and the times I am usually out and about doing errands and such. It just doesn't seem to fit with the flow of my day.

3. Walk with the kids!! People always say this option. "Just go for a walk!" And my response? I don't like going for exercise walks with the kids. Why? Because I have to stop every 50 feet to dole out Cheerios, hand someone a drink, adjust the sun-shade, pick up a fallen shoe, etc... I don't mind going for leisurely walks with the kids, but if I have an exercise goal in mind it just never works. I like to attain a certain pace and focus on my breathing and get into "exercise mode" and this just doesn't happen with stroller walks.

So this brings me to Option 4 which I have just launched. My friend Lorelei has been getting her heiny up at 5:30 in the morning to attend a step class at Mt. Sac. She gets home by 7 am and drives off to work (as a senior high school teacher) at 7:30. Amazing, isn't she? Anyways, the Mt. Sac membership is $50 for 3 months, or $135 for the year (for non-students/staff) and the full year membership includes a full biophysical health profile. So I am going to try getting my booty out of bed and going to the step class w/ her in the morning. It starts at 5:50 am and then when I get home, Jason will leave for work. We'll see if I can do it. I'll update either way! I signed up for the 3 month membership. The only issue I've discovered so far is that it takes 20 mins to get to Mt. Sac. I really thought it was closer! But with all of the surface streets it takes to get there, it is a full 20 there and back. That is a bit more driving then I was counting on having to do just to go exercise! But Lorelei says she now thinks of the quiet time in the car as "me time" so it doesn't seem bad to her. So I'm going to try and adopt that attitude, even though for now all I can think about is the cost of gas just for exercising.

If I take to this morning thing, I may even look into the local health clubs and see if they offer an early morning class. That way I won't have to pay for any kids clubs. I'll get my group exercise. And interruption free exercise. We'll see. I am hopeful :)


Sonja said...

Once Noah is a leeetle older, I'm getting back into kickboxing. It is the ONLY kind of exercise I've ever enjoyed enough to actually do on a regular basis. I own boxing gloves... and a punching bag.
And I sometimes kick people in the head. If they deserve it. :)

Jamie said...

Ok. Now I know to NEVER make you mad!

Sonja said...

So much for gentle discipline. :)