Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Adam's Little Cast

Look at my poor widdle fella. He had to have a soft cast put on today.

Basically it was just one of those things. I came down the stairs this morning half-awake and my heel slipped on the top step. So BOOM down I go on my heiny and thud my way down the stairs. I know...graceful as ever. Anyways, it was a pretty clean fall for me except for being stunned beyond belief. What wasn't so good though was that I was holding Adam on my hip at the time and his ankle got twisted underneath me as I fell.

He cried and cried right away and I suspected that his foot might have been hurt. After he calmed down and we were up for awhile, I gave him some Tylenol and he took a nap.

With things like this it is always tricky figuring out how serious something is. Can I handle this myself with a Do It At Home remedy? Do I just call the doctor? Or is there no point going to the regular doc because he probably needs x-rays?

Anyways, when he woke up it was apparent right away that he could bear no weight on his foot. If he were older I would probably just tell him to lay on the couch and ice it and bandage it up and see how serious it was. But being that he is such a widdle guy, who knows? I don't want him to injure himself further. The poor thing can't walk and all he wants to do is walk.

So I took him to the ER and we were there all day. I guess in hindsight I should have taken him to an Urgent Care office, but I didn't think they had x-ray machines on-site. The EMT guy told me that they do, so next time I know where to go.

Basically little Adam just has a sprained ankle. The soft cast prevents him from walking and stabalizes the foot. He'll have it on for 5 days and then I take him in to have it checked out. In all likelihood he'll be fine and good as new! His x-rays looked great.

Here are some great things about the day:
1. Even though we were there all day Pomona Valley Hosp. has good nurses and docs and they always seem to do a good job whenever we're there. So yay for them.
2. We were put into a room that had two other children in it, so Thank You Jesus, Frannie had playmates all day. (The boy was there for an asthma attack, no contagious diseases.)
3. Frannie was a dream girl. Really. Both the kids did so well being in the hospital all day, I just wanted to slobber them up. It is very hard being a small child confined to a small room where all you do is wait all day.
4. I feel like I did the right thing. Even though it was a long day, and will likely be a long week, I'm glad to know that he won't be hurting his foot further, and that it isn't a super-serious injury to begin with.

I love my little boy!


Anonymous said...

That thing gives him crazy playground cred.

Sonja said...

Awww, poor JJ!
I'm glad your kids didn't channel their evil twins waiting all day...

The Postl's said...

poor little guy! I am so glad that you are both okay. Good luck for the next few days -

Lauren S. said...

Ah! Poor kid! Poor you!

He looks really cute though. Glad you both are OK. :)

Yara said...

poor baby! hope he feels better soon
how are you feeling? (I mean, you fell too... you didn't hurt yourself & forget to take care of you, did you?)

Jamie said...

LOL on the playground cred and evil twin. Frannie's twin came out at home. I guess it was a lot to keep it inside all day ...

Yara-I'm ok. It was such a clean fall if you know what I mean. I didn't even hurt my tailbone. I went from vertical to almost flat on the stairs in one sec. Strange. Thanks for your concern though!