Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again to evaluate and reflect and try to do something better. I try to keep my resolutions attainable (unlike a certain European friend that we all know and love :P ) so here it is for 2009.

My resolution is to curl my hair once every three days.

Why? You may be asking. Well, I discovered that my hair looks a whole.lot.better when I curl the ends. Like it actually looks nice and stuff. Now, I've known this before that my hair looks nice when I curl it, but what I didn't really know was that I can leave it this way unwashed for three days and it still looks nice. I don't know why it took me darn near 30 years to learn this. Slow I guess. Anyways, I've always held the belief that you must wash your hair every single day. Under those conditions, hair curling becomes way too much work for everyday use. I've since been taught (by many a girlfriend sitting on a park bench) that you aren't really supposed to wash your hair everyday. It's bad for your scalp. So I've tried not washing my hair so much, and it's true. My scalp is healthier. (Did anyone really want to know this much about my hair hygiene? Don't answer!)

So it takes me about 25 mins to curl my hair. But if I only have to do it once every three days then the other two days require almost no hair maintenence at all. However, that initial time investment is a big one for me since I am used to investing almost nothing into my daily hair appearance other than the swipe of a hairbrush. That's where the resolution comes in. It's going to take some focus for me to allot the time to curl my hair. It has to be completely dry when I curl it, so I need to wash the night before and pre-dry before bed.

If this all sounds a little stupid. Sorry. It's my resolution!

Ok, now on to Jason. His resolution sounds a lot better than mine. He has resolved to improve himself physically, mentally and spiritually. He says I can't hold his resolution against him because the spiritual part involves going to church more. I make no promises! Anyways, I'm proud of him for his goals. He's already doing very well on the physical part with his evening exercise routine. He also wants to learn something new. He suggested getting some books on tape to listen to while he runs instead of music. It's a good idea, so I'll see what sort of informational books I can find at the library.


Now, last year I resolved to keep the house cleaner and I have done a lot better. I go through lapses where I really fall off track, and then I'll have a surge where I'm so attuned to every bit of mess that I end up cleaning all day long. Overall I'm better though, so I'll keep working in that direction.

Here's to 2009!


Yara said...

I like your resolution.. .makes me want to curl my hair a bit.
I suppose I can make one, if it is not too late. My resolution: to not chop most of my hair off this year. This may become difficult as summer begins... hee hee.

Sonja said...

Haha! Two years ago (or so), my resolution was to let my hair grow. I totally failed, but that didn't matter because I loved having my hair short! :)