Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fun Christmas Crafts

The kids and I did a lot of fun crafts this year. I wanted to post them because one in particular I learned about last December and I remembered it all year long and was eager to try it. So here is a rolldown of Mrs. Crafty McCrafterson's Christmas creations.

Number one is the snowglobe soap I learned about last year from Sonja. These are very easy to do with children, and not time-consuming. But they are fun little things! Click on the link for instructions. Frannie really enjoyed giving these out to her friends!

The second item is a spin-off of an ornament gift I received in junior high school. See, I have a mind like a steel trap. Sometimes. Anyways, all you do is buy clear ornament balls, fill them with a little bit of confetti or glitter and use fabric paints to doodle on your design. Adam did the one on the left, Frannie did the one on the right. I like it!

The third one is basic salt dough ornaments. I think I may make batches of this dough regularly because the kids had so much fun painting these. Essentially their style is to squeeze as much fabric paint with as many different colors onto one piece as possible. It's okay. They're 4 and 2 and I'm learning to let go! My delightful neighbor Reem did some too. I'm thinking they could paint trinkets for any season of the year. Then they can hang them out in the garden somewhere.

The last craft is my own brain-child. And the kids didn't help except for picking out their own fabric. For the past two years I've wanted to crochet the children their own Christmas stockings. It just hasn't happened because it is a craft that takes quite a bit of time and by the time I think about it again, it is December and we need stockings Now! So I had this idea to make fleece stockings. I let the kids pick out their own fabric (I picked out the owl one for Natalie because it reminded me of her middle name Meadow) and then used an existing stocking as my pattern. I cut it out, glue-gunned the seams, turned it inside out and viola! In about fifteen minutes I had three stockings. Each stocking cost about $2.50.

There is one more craft I've had my eye on and I have all the materials to make it. It is this embroidered hand prints idea. Hopefully I'll get to it, even though the craftiness of Christmas is over.


Yara said...

cute crafts!!

Iris said...

Oooooh crafty crafy momma! My favorite is the snow globe soap. That is so pretttyyyyyy! I would so buy some of those! Put them on Etsy LOL I hate it when people say that to me, cuz I have no idea how :P

But anyway, yes so pretty. I also made a stocking out of felt for Eddie. Those are fun to make and so easy.

I can't wait to make stuff like this with Eddie when he gets older.

You're a fun mom!

Tracey said...

What... not crafty!?! These are so cute! I LOVE those soaps... and I so remember making the salt dough ornaments... we were so proud of them. :)

Jamie said...

I try to be crafty. But really I'd like to be crafty while sewing! I want to make my girl a skirt or something.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. McCrafterson I think your crafting is great. The making is the best part; memories and special little items. Here is to crafts all year 'round! ma-ma-in-la