Saturday, May 8, 2010

Afghan for Catie

My sweet niece Catherine (Catie) turned 5 years old last Tuesday. Last year around her fourth birthday she was at the house and admiring Frannie's afghan. I told her that I could make her one for her fifth birthday and asked what her two favorite colors were. "Blue and purple." Ok. A blue and purple afghan it is.

Here she is at the party with her friends.

Whenever I make a blanket for someone I think about them a lot. The process of crocheting is basically one year of monotonous stitches. One after another after another after another. During that time that I'm zoning out and stitching I am usually thinking about the person that I'm stitching for. In the end the blanket represents for me all the prayers and good thoughts and wishes I have for that person that now exist in a physical form to be enjoyed.


traceyjay said...

I can so relate to that last statement. I feel like I'm thinking of and praying for the person with each seam when I make a quilt. I say to people, "There's a lot of love in here."

Great job Aunt Jamie! :)
The blanket is so pretty... I think it suits her.

Yara said...

I already told you, but I think it is so sweet you made that for your niece. I wish I had a niece or nephew to make a blanket for....
I digress

very cute blanket <3