Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas Tree Theory is true

Note: I wrote this post about a week and a half ago, but was waiting to upload some pictures. Typical!
As far as my theory goes...I did cave a little.
Notice how the tree is only decorated at the top? There's my smiley little tree-wrecker right there. And Adam is thinking "Mom can I please just go back to watching Blues Clues?" 

In case you didn't know, I have a Christmas Tree Theory. I have many theories on many things, and one day in November I landed upon my Christmas Tree Theory.

My Christmas Tree Theory is this:
Every year we hear people bemoan the stress of the Christmas season. Most are resentful of the amount of gifts they are compelled and seemingly obligated to buy, mostly due to the amount of money it all ends up costing. Many people turn their anger towards Santa Claus with all of his merry gift-giving that gets played out in so many television shows, movies, and books. On every commercial and storefront. Santa is calling.

But my theory is that Santa isn't to blame at all. It's all the Christmas Tree's fault. Because it isn't the presents that go into the stocking that has everyone knocking themselves out, it's the image of the tidal wave of presents flowing from under the tree that does it. We are compelled to fulfill that iconographic image of the glistening tree with the bounty of gifts perched below.

And now I know that my theory is true. How? Because prior to today I was satisfied with the amount of gifts I had gotten the kids. But today we threw decorations all over our glorious fresh-from-Oregon-to-Starberry-Farms Christmas tree and now I'm all panicky because I feel like I didn't get the kids enough presents. And I'm thinking about how many things they'll have to open on Christmas morning and it just doesn't sound like enough. Argh. Darn tree.

I know that my kids will get lots and lots of presents. We've got quite a collection of family here. And yet, despite knowing that we'll travel from one set of grandparents and aunts/uncles to another, I am feeling that pull to really pack it in under our own tree. So that at that moment when they bound down the stairs and see that the magic really did happen and they begin to dig into their stocking, they'll also have several boxes to tear through in those early Christmas morning hours.

Every year I vow to have a more modest Christmas. And then up goes the tree...

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Iris said...

HAHAHAHAHA! So so true!