Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Bicycle Family

Last weekend, I took the family on our first epic ride.  We rode four miles to downtown Claremont for lunch and back. The kids did great, obeying all the rules of the road.  We weaved thru the older homes between Foothill and Bonita, to our final destination, Downtown Claremont.  Along the way, Jamie admired some of the homes and even did a walk thru one "Open House".

Our goal was to eat at Saca's but sure enough they were closed on Sunday.  What restaurant CLOSES on a Sunday?  We ended up eating at a pizza place in the heart of downtown Claremont.  The food was okay.

Obey all the rules of the road.  "Stay on your right hand side!"

Smile for the camera!

Adam absolutely loves his bike.  He was the big brother and in his Thomas the Train backpack held Natalie's bottle, diapers and wipes.  He also had our bike lock stashed in there too!

Natalie takes a snooze while mommy looks at an open house.

It was a great ride 8 mile ride.  The kids did great and on the way home we stopped off at 21 Choices for some well earned frozen yogurt.


Iris said...

WOW! 8 miles! What a STRONG family! I am impressed :)

Lauren S. said...

WOW! I'm totally impressed!