Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adam at 5 :)

My sweet Adam turned 5 years old a few weeks ago. He is my precious boy! A few short years ago all I could do was complain about how much he cried and how much I didn't know what to do with him. And then, with a bit of practice on my part, and a bit of maturing on his, our forces came together and Adam bloomed into a wonderfully sweet boy! YAY!

At this point, just about everything charms me about him. His fuzzy wuzzy head. The way he can't pronounce R's at the end of woods. (Did you get that?) And I especially love his shy demeanor that explodes into a raucous WOO! OH! at the smallest surprise.

He has this funny little habit lately of kissing flowers on shirts like he's a bee. Which means that if one of us girls in the house is wearing a flowered shirt, we will be bombarded with bee kisses that just don't quit. So then someone gets mad and yells "STOP IT ADAM!" and he's actually gotten himself on timeout for not stopping with the kissing!

And right now the thing he likes best

is looking like his Daddy.

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Iris said...

I remember the post about him crying. I was wondering if my lil one would be like that. He is now 3 and we are just getting over that hump...just barely. Your boy is really very handsome and by the way you write about him, I can tell how you can't contain all the love you feel for him. This is an awesome post :D WOW 5!