Monday, April 15, 2013

Carpinteria Camping

This Spring Break we once again went to our favorite beach campsite: Carpinteria

Of course we went with my Papa without whom vacations would not be possible. 

We had an excellent site this time with lots of space for play and a great view of all the incoming campers. About every few minutes or so either Jason and Dad would discuss the merits of the next approaching camper entering the park. I think because we have a tent we get "camper envy" although I suspect even people with campers check out everyone else's set up. We do love our tent though!

Our camping trips always include Dad's little friend Archie. You can almost see on little Archie's face, "Why isn't he playing with me? With ME?" He stares after Dad constantly and whinnies and pretty much drives Dad absolutely bonkers. But he's still a fun camping buddy for the rest of us!

Oh boy Smashball!

One thing that's fun about Carpinteria is that everyone gets their favorite park. This is Adam's. It's set up right next to the railroad track and the incoming Amtrack is always faithful to give the kids a honk or even a "Shave and A Haircut, Two Bits!" honk. 

Francesca's favorite park is the "workout" park right near the beach. Lots of bars to flip on. She's having sort of a Zen moment here. 
Natalie likes all parks.

My favorite park is just simply the beach. I LOVE this beach. Most times we come we see some sort of interesting wildlife like dolphins swimming by or a seal popping it's head out of water or the puff of a whale's blow hole. On this occasion we went for a little hike to see the harbor seals.
Lots of tar formations along the coastline

But inland you need to watch your step because tar is oozing from the ground. 

But then the Seals!

Here are lots of seals and pelicans camped out in the afternoon sun. 

And unfortunately we saw two dead seals washed onto the shore. Who knows why?

I'm not sure what Jason's favorite park is. My guess is that he just likes the time off. He's the one who took all these pictures!

Of course he likes to ride bikes with the kids. 

Natalie take one: Shy Face

Take Two: Big Cheese!

Well hello there Granny Frannie! (Or is she just pretending to be me?)

Until next time!


Sonja said...

Shut up - Adam has a favorite park?!! Hahaha.

Jamie said...

HAHAHAHA!!! He begs to go to that park! I know hard to believe :)

Shannon said...

Aww - looks like another great trip! Fun pics.