Monday, May 27, 2013

Of Career and Family

I got a phone call last week from one of my best friends:
"Jamie, a positioned opened up at my school! Language Arts! The principal thinks it will be hard to fill because no one wants to teach middle school! We could be partners!"

Wha? A job? Like a job job. A real JOB. Full time. 5 days a week. Actual responsibility to provide a quality education for other people's children.

I wasn't expecting that.

It really isn't the ideal time, but how can I not consider it? I know I still have a year before Nattie is ready to go to school, but really we could figure something out for one school year. The school is K-8 and all the kids could come to school with me. It's a really high-quality school too, so it's not as though the kids would have an educational down-grade. AND I'd be partner teachers with one of my very best friends. How cool would that be to have instant support like that?

Wow. It's actually a really tough decision. I always thought I'd get back into the job market by subbing first and building relationships with different schools and teachers. I'd get used to adding more work responsibilities to my family responsibilities before committing to full-time employment.

But I also know that getting a teaching job is not so easy these days. Openings are few and far between. Teachers aren't retiring the way it was predicted, so there are lots of fresh new grads with no jobs to fill. So how can I turn down a yellow-brick-road to an interview with a heavy recommendation?

Ack. And there's another issue here. Jason and I have been on the fence about adding to our family for a long time. Are we done with more kids or not? Ask on any given day and it's sort of a shrug. But now that Natalie is getting older (and let's face it, me too) it's very much a NOW OR NEVER issue. And we just don't know!!

It's hard when life hands you decisions that feel very much like game-show moments. Door #1 or Door #2 or Door #3? Which life do you choose? Each door presents possibilities and elements of the unknown.


Yara said...

If a job knocked on my door, I'm pretty sure I'd have to take it. Especially if it was one where I could bring the kids with me. And hey, preschool is super fun. I bet Natalie would love it if she had to go.

fuentes said...

We're in the same sort of limbo. Life would be so much easier if only our goals, wants, and needs would all align perfectly.

Therese said...

If you take it, do it because you want to go back and are ready. Don't be rushed if you feel its not right. On the other hand- its a great opportunity and they don't come around often.

Jamie said...

I did decide not to take the job. In the end it came down to Natalie and what to do with her. Also the starting pay is about 42K. When I add in the cost of daycare $800 per month, plus increased gas, food, and clothing costs, plus just the general upheaval of the family... it doesn't seem like I'd be working so hard for very much money. At least not for right now.