Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two things I wanted to write down

(I wrote this one awhile ago too. These last four posts are all out of order.)

I got a pedicure for the very first time today. (Jason got me a gift certificate for Mother's Day.) Part of why I haven't gotten one before is because I had a sense that I would like it and I didn't want to be always tempted to spend $20 on my toes. The other reason is because I always cut my toenails suuuper short and I thought the ladies would laugh at my feet like "What is there to manicure! You've already cut the whole nail!"

So I've gone 34 years with regular feet, barefoot, and barely lotioned.

My lady noticed...

and she convinced me to spend 5 extra dollars so she could scrub off my callouses. And damn that lady darn near scraped off my natural leather shoe it was so painful. And yes I did scream out and yes others heard me!

But here's the thing: I really do get it. I get why everyone loves the pedicure so much. even more than the manicure. It's that with the soaking, and oily stuff, and exfoliation, and lotion massage and the chair that mechanically kneads your back, and this and that, my footsies felt light as air and super fresh for at least 2 hours.

Now they feel like regular feet again, but the polish is a reminder of my nice experience. I think that's why they like to make sure you leave with some polish!

Ok, on to the other thing which is completely unrelated. It's just a thought I've had from time to time and I wanted to write it down.

I know that when I first became a mother, people, older people, older WOMEN especially, would often stop me and tell me how much to enjoy my children because they grow up so fast. I remember one time in particular when Frannie was only a few weeks old, an older woman told me this and I wanted to say to her "but there is nothing to enjoy".

Later on I of course found many things to enjoy and yes, I do enjoy the kids and enjoy being their mom very much.

But I often read on blogs from other women how much they don't like older women telling them this. When they get advice to "enjoy every moment" they just find it irritating because it certainly isn't always enjoyable. It seems like just one more demand they cannot fulfill.

But I see it differently now. I believe what people are REALLY saying when they say to enjoy it, is they are saying "don't forget that this is your youth too." Because once you can't have kids anymore, you yourself are not young anymore. The message is twofold. Enjoy your kids. But also in enjoying your kids, you are enjoying your own adult youth.

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