Saturday, January 11, 2014

Right Now

Right now Natalie is asking me to blow up a balloon for her babies. Her babies are of course all of her stuffed animal babies that she carts everywhere and puts in surprising places. Right now the babies are in a circle in the front yard. Natalie is wearing her tiny striped shorts. She wears tiny shorts so often I've told her her Indian name should be Little Shorts. Right now her hair is in loose pig tails. She's woken from a long nap after her first soccer game.

Right now Adam is playing handball against the side of the house with our neighbor (also named Adam). They've been laughing and playing this game for at least an hour. I'm glad Adam has a friend in the neighborhood now. This is only the 2nd time this boy has come over to play. My Adam is barefoot and his feet will be extremely dirty from the muddy grass when he comes in.

Right now Frannie is eating crockpot broccoli beef with rice for dinner. She's sitting right next to me. Her hair is in braids of course. She just got home from working on a school project with a girl in her class. They're acting out a Choctaw legend.

Right now Jason and I are watching Extreme Cheapskates on Netflix and drinking coffee and having our favorite snack of graham crackers with peanut butter and chocolate chips. I am wearing Jason's grey sweatshirt. I've come to enjoy stealing most of his sweatshirts and sometimes even his workout pants. This is the benefit of having a husband who only weighs 15lbs more than I do!

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Shannon said...

I love this post, Jamie. A recorded memory of a regular 'ole day in the life of the Castillo family. Good stuff.