Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Right now

Right now...
It's a Tuesday morning and the kids have been dropped off at school. Natalie is watching the Wiggles. She hasn't watched the Wiggles in a long time but lately she's been having bad dreams and she said "I miss my Wiggle dreams." So I suggested she watch some Wiggles so she can put good dreams in her head.

Natalie definitely watches a lot more tv than I ever let Fran and Adam watch!
In terms of milestones...Natalie is learning to read!

Right now...
Adam looks like a hockey player. He tripped and face-planted last week and scuffed up his nose. He has a few thick scabs on his face from it. Then yesterday night his front tooth fell out while he was sleeping! So he looks like a cartoonish hockey player with scabs on his face and teeth missing. And yesterday on the way to school he fell and scraped his knee pretty bad. So he's kind of a mess. But a healthy boy mess! Missing teeth and scabs from playing outside are good things for an almost 7-year old.

Right now...
Francesca is growing in responsibility. She is the one who helped Adam when he fell on the way to school. When they got to school she took him to the bathroom and cleaned his cuts thoroughly. They were both very calm about it. She said Adam didn't even cry. I'm really proud of them that they know how to handle stuff without freaking out. I'm glad Fran knows what to do.

Right now...
I'm grateful for being a stay at home mom. I was able to make the kids pancakes for breakfast (at Natalie's request.) As I was making pancakes I was grateful to not be rushing around trying to get myself ready for work, but I could instead just chill and make breakfast in my sweatpants. It's a good life!

I'm becoming the Queen of Part Time Jobs. I still have the Bradley class going, and I'm also teaching Zumba at the church and at an elementary school, and I'm doing data entry at home for Canidae.

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