Friday, November 21, 2014

Sweet Spot

I know I don't blog much and I hate that. I keep telling myself "you need to write this dowwwwn! These are your memories!" but I zone out on the computer and never come here and post anything. My kids' childhoods are so important to me and there is so much stuff I know I'm going to forget because I never took the time to write it down. I reeeally hope to change that though. I know it isn't New Years Resolution time but really if I could do one thing better it would be to start documenting my family again.

Ok so real quick I have to get some things down.

I have heard that this season of life that I'm in right now is called The Sweet Spot and I COULDN'T AGREE MORE! Wow. I know people have said the words "it gets easier" but I really had no idea the LEVEL of easier we were talking about when that third kid (little Natalie) skipped off to school. Whoa.

This is some good stuff right here. No joke about it. I am loving this season of life so much. I love our walks to school in the morning and afternoon. I am doing so much better at getting them to school on time holy moly. No absences or tardies believe it or not. This is like a miracle of improvement for me. I'm teaching Zumba now 4 days a week so I'm getting mandatory exercise and it feels fantastic. I love having this creative dance outlet! So fun for me. I'm doing a lot of Frequent Buyer Cards for Canidae. Still teaching Bradley on Sundays. Still volunteering in Natalie's classroom. So I have enough "outside" diversions to keep me busy along with all the house stuff. But somehow I am feeling that elusive thing called Balance that many people speak of. I feel it. I don't feel overwhelmed. I have enough down time. Enough time to do the household stuff. Enough time to be with the kids. I'm making some money. This stay at home mom life is a Good Life. And I love it. So YAY thank you Jason for your awesomeness at providing. And hopefully he feels like he has Balance too since he never has to worry for one second about the kids or household. I actually don't know if he feels what I feel. Somehow I think he feels more pressure than I do, but I also think overall he's pretty satisfied with things.

The kids are doing so great it's just the best. Fran is amazing and responsible. This girl wakes up before 6 am and makes all of the school lunches. She just does. I have never once told her or asked her to do this. She just gets up, and starts in with putting together ham sandwiches etc etc... She even puts the ice pack in the lunch bags like I do so that the sandwiches don't get gross during the day. This girl is like a Little Mommy. I really have no idea where this comes from but she's just an on point kind of kid. I love this super responsible quality about her because it's like some sort of gift that she has.

Adam is also very responsible and excellent in school. He's super good. He just does what he's supposed to do even though he sometimes says he wishes he could be a lazy guy. He definitely loves playing on the computer. He's thinking he wants to play tennis again too. Adam has a way of asking me really hard questions that I can't answer. "Mom where does Helium come from?" "Are people made from stardust?" Anyways, he's playing soccer and they haven't had a great season but he never complains about his team losing all the time. He just goes with the flow of things. He and Natalie play play play play constantly. They are serious buddies and are always playing laughing every single day.

Natalie loves school and is constantly singing all of the songs she hears everyday. The Vowel Bat song, the colors songs (y-e-l-l-o-w spells yellow)  the school song and on and on. She's reading really well too and overall just having a really good year so far. She's awesome at soccer and it's super fun to watch her play. She's really fast and just knows what to do. Fran is playing soccer too and loves being the goalie. I am refereeing and I sort of like it, sort of don't but overall it's ok.

So yes this has been an excellent couple of months. Definitely a Sweet Spot.

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Shannon said...

Love it! YAY for balance and health! What a blessing!