Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Bonk

The other day I went for a walk with Nataki and the kiddos to Bonelli Park. As Frannie and Miriam were jogging ahead of us, Fran took a spill. I didn't think it was a big deal until I got her and blood was dripping down her forehead. It reminded me so much of the time that she fell and bonked her head when she was about 18 months old. She got a big split gash right on her eyebrown that bled and bled and scared me so much that I took her to the ER right away. We ended up leaving the ER after 6 hours of not being seen. In that time my nerves had calmed down and I'd had the chance to really inspect her cut. I also had about 5 hours of sitting there bored in a small room with lots of sick coughing babies to make me think that Jason, Dad, and I could do our own first aide. Anyways, we left and cleaned up her head and put a butterfly bandage on it. It healed really well.

So this time when I saw blood dripping from her head, I was concerned but didn't have that same panicky feeling that I'd had that first time. On inspection, she seemed to have a hole in her head! I have no idea how she got a hole in her head from the fall that she did. It looked like a nail hole pierced straight through her forehead. AH! In the picture it doesn't look too bad. But that black dot was the hole. Very strange looking. At least strange enough to me that I was prompted to take a picture of it!
It's been several days since this happened and it is healing very well. Whatever it was that caused that hole, at least it was clean so I didn't have to dig out any debris. I am proud of myself because I was joking with her about squirting water on her head and how sillly it was, so I was able to clean her up and make her laugh at the same time. I'm glad I've learned to do that. I'm glad she lets me do that. She's always been pretty good like that.

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