Sunday, February 24, 2008

Frannie Turns 3!

Well last weekend was my dear Frannie's third birthday. We had a little party for her at Heritage Park in La Verne. It turned out to be a beautiful day as it always seems to be on her birthday weekend. At first I was going to do her party here at the house, but then decided a park would be better. We invited her little friends and she had all of her favorite relatives there too. Fortunately I didn't have to cook anything because my dear in-laws took care of it. YAY! One different thing I did was have the kids pot a little flower in a styrofoam cup and then put the cup into a mug to act as the vase. It was cute. I was proud of my little creative idea. Most of the time though the kids just played on the playground equipment and had a good time running around and the adults got the opportunity to eat and talk.

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