Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Lazy Blogger

I know I'm a lazy blogger. I need to update more often. At the end of the day I can't think of anything to write about. Given how much I talk all of the time, you'd think I would have something to say, but for some reason I lack inspiration right before bed. oh well.

So here's my update for now:
1. I found Frannie the Perfect Toy. Do you know what the Perfect Toy is? The Perfect Toy is that special something that every parent searches for. The holy grail of toys. It is the toy that will occuply large chunks of your child's time so that you can essentially forget about them until it is time for some food-activity or let's-get-into-the-car-and-go activity. Most parents give up searching for the Perfect Toy and rely instead on the TELEVISION. The television has its place, but it isn't the perfect toy because it is like ice cream. Too much is bad for you. So, the perfect toy that I found is this Little Tikes playhouse. She was in there from 7:15 until past 8am yesterday morning. She ate her breakfast in there. She even wanted to take a nap in there in the afternoon. Talk about the Perfect Toy! Typically Frannie spends quite a bit of time in my face requesting things. I need a drink. I want pretzels. Wipe my butt. (Well you can't blame her for that one.) Anyways, when she is playing with her Perfect Toy she doesn't ask me for a million things. She just plays. It's grand.

2. Adam is on his way to being one year old. Yay! I finally got it in gear and planned a party for him. I don't like planning parties because everytime I go to plan one I feel like I'm planning my wedding all over again. I think I still have anxiety about wedding planning or something because I carry it over to every party that I want to put together. It's weird. Anyways, my baby is turning one so I have to commemorate his (and my) special day.

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