Sunday, June 1, 2008

Goin' to church

Well Jason and I (and the kids of course) are back to going to our old San Dimas UCC church. We've been to a lot of different churches over the past two months or so. It seems we keep going to different ones and there is always something that isn't right.

1. Pilgrim Congregational- Jason says it's too dark in there. Francesca is pretty much the only child. I liked the service a lot. I felt it was reverent and I like singing the hymns. Francesca agrees it's too dark. She calls it "the scary one".

2. Faith Lutheran- I like it because my friend Jamie goes there and I like the other church members and I love pastor Berkedal. I pretty much hate the service though. Too contemporary. I just can't get past electric guitars and the vibe of bibletainment. Jason doesn't like it because Francesca escaped out of the Sunday school class and was wandering outside of the church all by herself. He was very angry about that.

3. Hope Lutheran- Jason and I both like it because our friends Nataki and Jason go there. It is always nice to have a friend to go to church with and sit with. Also they have their girls Miriam and Naomi for Frannie and Adam to play with. Once again though, I have a problem with the service. It feels very disconnected. There are so many page-turnings in the book that it just gets lost on me. Also, there is something very somber about the church. I don't feel a "heart" to the place. I'm not sure why.

In addition to these three I've been to: Glendora Friends Church, Our Lady of the Assumption, Good Shepherd, United Methodist in San Dimas, CCV, First Baptist, Christ Church Scientist, Holy Name of Mary, and I think that's it. Maybe I'm missing one...

So after all of this we're back at San Dimas Community United Church of Christ. This is the very first church we ever went to years and years ago before we were even married, back when Rev. Rex was the interim pastor. Jason just picked the church out of the clear blue sky and the people were so friendly to us, that that's where we went. There are various reasons why we always leave and then come back again. This time around the reason we're back is because Jason wanted to try it one more time. We'd spent several weeks trying other ones and it had been over a year since we'd been to the UCC. I was a bit sheepish seeing everyone since I left while still pregnant and of course Adam is coming up on his first birthday. But they were so happy to see us and it was like visiting relatives. My friend Lorelei goes there now and she's a principle singer in the choir. I love hearing her sing. There are a lot more children at this church too. Francesca loves playing with Lorelei's kids Clara and Sethy, and I like seeing my friend every week! Being that we've been going there off and on for the last 10 years, and each time we leave we find ourselves back there, I guess this is just where we're supposed to be.

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