Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heavy Heart

A friend's baby is in NICU and not doing too well. It is unknown what the baby's condition will be, but there is likely damage that will not result in complete healing.

Her baby has been on my mind for the past few days. I think about her, and her husband. They have two girls, and this was their first son. I can't imagine.

I have been holding my children a little tighter since this happened. I am so grateful for my children.

My father has a saying that I always remember when I'm discouraged about something in my life. He says "Well if this is the worst thing that ever happens to you, then consider yourself lucky." It is times like this, when something REALLY BAD happens to someone that I nod to myself that yes, this is so true. The small annoyances of life are really nothing. They are problems of luxury.

This baby and her family are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep them in yours. His name is River.

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