Monday, June 16, 2008


Favorite sayings- Mom I'm so sirsty
Look! We're matchy matchy now!
NO! JJ! Get awaaaay! Mom! He's boddering me!
Favorite book- Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
Favorite tv show- Super Y
Favorite thing to wear- Snow White dress (Mom? Can I wear my big girly girl dress?)
Favorite shoes- "sparklies" and Snow White high heels
Favorite thing to do- play with her "freends" "go somewhere"
Favorite food- cheese and pretzels
Favorite drink- orange juice
Favorite place to play- in the garage w/ the garage door opened


Favorite sayings- general babbling. DAH! AAAAH! Dguh Dguh Dguh! Maaaa! (this is me)Did did did did! (this is Dad) High pitched squeal (this is the cat)
Favorite book- whatever Frannie is reading. He hates being left out. He wants to steal the book.
Favorite thing to wear- nothing. Being naked is so much more fun! We all know that. He recently discovered his "friend for life" and how to take his diaper off.
Favorite shoes- right now he wears these little blue Nike sandals and his soft soled brown slipper-shoes.
Favorite thing to do- play with sister. Eat things in the backyard. Walk all over.
Favorite food- cheese
Favorite drink- milk
Favorite place to play- in the garage w/ Frannie

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