Friday, May 8, 2009

Pregnancy Update 37 weeks

Well, here I am in all my glory. :)

I'm not feeling particularly eloquent right now. But still, I want to update, so here are my thoughts.

I have my home visit with Lori on Monday. I always look forward to that. Jason will be here and, for us, it makes the whole "we are going to have a baby!" seem very official. There's something about getting that tub in the house...

I remember the first time Lori brought the tub and I couldn't stop staring at it sitting in our bedroom. It is a large Rubbermaid tub made for equestrian use. (I believe it is for equestrian baths or something. Not sure exactly how they use it.) Either which way, seeing this horse tub in my room made me feel like Mary in the stable. Or maybe it just made me feel like a horse. I definitely felt less of a refined-human and got the realization that I really am just an animal afterall. For some weird reason that stupid tub gave me confidence, like "Well, if a horse can do it, so can I!" Anyways, the last time I didn't use the tub of course, and I'm not sure that I will this time, but we are having it delivered anyways. Here's a pic of the tub since I've mentioned it.

It looks better when it is all filled up with water and has the plastic sheeting and everything. Underneath it is just gray fiberglass.

So, we've got that going on on Monday.

Overall I'm feeling really good. I've gained about 35lbs so far. Some people think I look ginormous ("You look like you are practically tripping over that thing!" ~remark courtesy of a nice lady at church) and others, like Jason and a few more who remember me the last time, think I look smaller. Who the heck knows? Whatever.

We are getting really excited to have a new baby in the house. I am really looking forward to knowing if I have a son or daughter. Occasionally I have moments of panic when I'm having a hard day with Adam. "How am I going to handle you and a new baby!! AGGGGH!" And I just know that I have my share of hard days ahead. But I really miss nursing a baby and just enjoying all of their precious ways. I am looking forward to sharing this with Frannie since she is now old enough that she will remember all of it.

That's it for now.


Yara said...

I like this!
And for the record, this is the first blog I read once I got my computer back. You're so special : )

The Staker Family said...

I think you look great, when we lived in Florida there were a lot of island women at my church who would tell me I was huge and going to have the baby any day, starting from about 32 weeks! I never go early. I know I have those "I can't handle a new baby, or even the ones I have" days, we all do! I am so excited for you. You are an amazing woman!

Lauren S. said...

woot woot! it's almost time! :)

you are for sure smaller this time.

Jamie said...

Yara- darn I do feel special that I'm your first blog today!

Kristy- you're amazing too. For sure.

Lauren- ah, you know exactly what I want to hear...:)

Shannon said...

I don't know what you looked like last time, 'cuz I met you about 1.5 or 2 weeks after you had Adam (remember that - at the park? i was about to pop, too! you invited me to MOMS club ... I'll forever be grateful for that!) ... anyway, all that to say, though I have no clue how big you got before, I think you look GREAT! I'd say you look full-term, but not outrageous, by any means. I'm just jealous of how ROUND that belly is!! Haaa.

It's so close ... weeeee! We'll both be smellin' new baby heads soon!! (Seriously, I think that's my favorite thing. I can't wait.)

Excited for you!

Melissa Taylor said...

You look great Jamie! :) Josh and I will have to drive out and see you when the baby comes so I can get my newborn fix!! There will be no more kiddos here. Ethan is the best form of birth control! ha, ha

Jamie said...

Shannon- I'm very excited for the both of us! Seems we're always in mating season at the same time...

Melissa- It would be great to see you and the family again. I know what you mean about the birth control thing. LOL. These boys of ours are something else.

Iris said...


You look so pretty. Look at that baby belly. I am going to guess you are having a boy :)

Laurel said...

I am so excited for you, and a little jealous, Matthew is already so big he's not a newborn anymore. Today I put him in the exersaucer for the first time. I'm excited to hear how everything goes, and to see you and the baby at CHN.

Therese said...

You look smaller. Definetely. And you look mama-spectacular.
When I was pregnant with Sarah I used to have a comfortable stretchy red shirt I liked to wear - and I was huge and very round with baby belly- and everytime I wore it my teacher friend would say: WATCH OUT EVERYONE ITS THE KILLER TOMATO!!