Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July w/ Uncle Jack and Aunt Terri

This year we went to Uncle Jack and Aunt Terri's house for the 4th. We had a very nice time! It is kind of dumb that I don't see my aunt and uncle (or cousins) more frequently since they only live in Anaheim. When they offered to host a BBQ Jason and I thought "How come we never go? Let's just go!" And we did and I'm really glad.

Aunt Terri has a way with the kids. They love her. I don't know if it is her voice or what, but there is just something that endears them to her. My brother also has this quality. My cousin Ryan and Jason's brother Ryan also seem to have kid magic. (I don't have much kid magic. Only with my own kids!)

My cousin Ryan is getting married on 10-10-10 to his fiance Cheryl. We were delighted to meet her! I felt comfortable with her right away. The only bummer about Ryan and Cheryl getting married is the fact that they've chosen the exact same wedding date as Bryan and Stefanie. This annoys me greatly because I haven't been to a wedding since my OWN wedding seven years ago and here I am going to miss out on one of the few I would definitely be invited to. I like weddings. I want a reason to buy an outfit. I want to go out to dinner. Have a party. Dance to a DJ. Weddings are fun! (Well at least what I remember of them.) So I'm sad that I will miss Ryan and Cheryl's.


Iris said...

Look at your cutie kiddies! Awwwww :) Sounds like it was a real fun event. I love anything that involves being in the water :D

Stefanie said...

Jamie!!!!! Your mom just told me about the wedding date mix up!!! You are safe!!! We are NOT getting married on the 10th!!! We are getting hitched on the 1st!!! I'm sorry I know it's a Friday night wedding but that will be our 8th anniversary, and I thought it would be easier for Bry to just remember one date!! We need to get together so we can ask you a few "little" favors!