Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Natalie Post

Nattie (me)
Nettie (me)
Netta (me)
Tweety-Pop (me)
Nate-Dog (Jason)
Natie (like Katie- Jason)
Now-wee (Adam)

Frannie is the only one who calls her Natalie I think.

She's my little pumpkin pie, oh yes she is! (She's kind of sleeping through the night too which is a new experience for me. I'm used to having babies who don't really sleep through until something like 15 months!) She's growin' and changin' every day. She's now rewarding all of us with the precious smiles that crack her face open so big and so wide! Joy!


Lauren S. said...

she's so cute - and favors her mama!

Yara said...

oh she is just precious!

pumpkin pie...... oh you'll love this......

Shannon said...

Oh good grief - look how CUTE! She's chubbin' up so much ... those are some kissable cheeks! :) (And I do think that last pic on the bottom right looks a LOT like you!)

Jamie said...

Thanks everybody :)
Yes, in addition to sleeping better through the night, it is a new experience for me to have a baby who kind of looks like me! Now Jason is the one who is like "Hey, wait a minute here..." His coworkers tease him a bit with "postman" jokes and such.

Teri said...

I so understand how you felt with the first two! Only once in a while do I get the comment that Alyssa looks similar to me. She is beautiful!! Good to see a picture of Auntie Remi too!

Jamie said...
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Iris said...

"postman jokes" LOL
She really does look like you. I agree. I like that first picture you took of her. You can really see the detail of her face. She's very expresive already :)

Jamie said...

Hey Teri! Glad you found our blog! We miss you guys a lot. We can definitely relate with the kid thing :)