Monday, June 14, 2010

Adam Jason turns THREE!

[Note: I started putting this blog together on June 6th!] 

Well my little guy turned three years old yesterday. This is a big birthday for him because it is the first time he was FULLY AWARE of the event. Everyone did an excellent job of getting him pumped up about it. Seeing other kids blow out birthday candles a few weeks prior also did the trick.

"Is it my bootday?"
"Not yet Adam. Next week. And you are going to have a special Tommy party!" (Tommy = Thomas the Tank Engine)

Adam is very cute when he gets excited. He kind of pulls his neck in, folds his hands together in his lap and smiles big with bright eyes. It's adorable to me! He's a fairly reserved little boy so he doesn't often react with a huge WHOOP! He does this more measured reaction but I know it means he's VERY excited. And it makes the times that he does do a big WHOOP even more entertaining.

Here's Jason's take on the early morning hours of Adam's birthday.

The day started out early.  Francesca was up by 5:30 am, "Daddy its late, we need to go to Grandpa's house to make Adam's cake."  Bobbie has a special talent for making awesome cakes and at Adam's request a Thomas the Train cake was on order for the day.  With Francesca as co-baker, the plan was to make the cake at Grandpa's house.  

Thirty minutes later, I was out of bed and both Adam and Franny met me down stairs.  I fed them, dressed Franny and off to Grandpa's house we went.  Adam at the last minute decided he wanted to go for the ride, so in his pajamas, I loaded him into the van.

We got to Grandpa's early and well before Grandma Bobbie.  Hmmmm, she said beween 7 and 8, its 7:15 am. "Ding Dong," went the door bell, once then twice.  Does Grandpa know we're coming?  A few minutes later, we heard feet shuffle and Archie barking behind the closed door.  Grandpa's head poked out of the door and I now now, he WASN'T expecting us.  

We stayed awhile, talked as Archie raced around the living room, full of excited energy running to and from Francesca and Adam.  Bobbie never showed while I was there and after two phone calls from Jamie I had a growing "To Do List".  

A quick trip to Stator Bros and back home, time to start party planning!  Jumper was delivered on time, bbq out, charcol, cooler filled with ice and drinks, back yard swept, the day was setting up on time.  Stress level, close to zero.

Okay Jamie you can finish!

Here is the cake Frannie helped my mom make. Complete with track and toy train!

He Did he just say stress level close to zero? I'm pretty sure he just said that. Anyways, my pre-party stress is never a zero but I will say that with now having a little bit of party experience, I am no longer in all out anxiety mode like I used to be.

Anyways, back to Adam. 

It made me very happy to put together this particular party for him. Adam has his ups and downs. He's a wonderfully cuddly little boy who says "Please" and "Thank You" and a friendly "Hi!!" to strangers. He gets so excited about trains and begs to watch his train movies every day. Watching him watch a train youtube is hilarious for me as he always "chuffs" with the train and points at the screen and gives big laughs and sound effects as the train goes down the track. While we enjoy so many sweet moments together, he is two (now three) afterall and the phrase "terrible twos" really means something to me. Some days are haaaaaard. In fact most everyday is a mixture of absolutely aggravating patience-testing behaviors and cuddly sweetness and silliness. It's weird how it all can change hour by hour. 

The party was a chance to celebrate all the super parts of my little guy. And I'm so glad we did!

We decided to invite family and a few friends to the house for a BBQ. We also got a jumper because of all the kids on the street who we knew would come over. It was a beautiful day. There were a million kids around as expected and Adam got a lot of nice train gifts! He really enjoys opening presents.

These are just some things I'd like to remember about him as a three year old:

The way he loves to cuddle. When I carry or sit with him, he lays his head on my shoulder, tucks his arms in and wiggles his booty to get comfortable. 

He asks for candy constantly. When I say "no candy" he promptly says "Can I have gwum?" Half the time I let him have gum just so he'll stop asking. 

Juice. The boy loves juice. 

"Work that body" running and dancing. 

Lately his little sense of humor includes pretending to pee on everything. 

"I yuv you" (Mom, Gwama, Auntie, Gwampa, Fwannie, Natowie, Omaw, Weem) He will often tell those he loves that he loves them!

The train sound effects.

His low laugh.

The way he shouts "Gotta go pee pee!" "Gotta go POO POO!" and then "I'M DOOOONE!" in a screetching howl. 

"Give me my pie-see!" (give me my privacy)

"Can I have a pop-ped-o?" (marshmallow)

"My. name's. Anum!"

"You bootiful, Mommy" 

Obviously I really want to remember his way of speaking! It's really cute and I know he won't do this too much longer. The L's are pronounced like Y's. The R's are just lost in the word. Everyone finds it quite funny the way he pronounces the name of a certain favorite green train whose name rhymes with Mercy. 

I always want to remember the way he and Frannie play and laugh their heads off together. Or as Frannie would say "crack your head off". 

Slowly Natalie is becoming more of a playmate too, but she is mostly still a nuisance to him. I suspect this will change more once Frannie starts school. 

Finally this year he is riding a tricycle. He would never even sit on one before. And now he rides all around everyday. I know Jason is really glad about that!
Someday he'll graduate to papa's bikes. 

Adam can load up a DVD or VHS tape all by himself. 

Last year he was very clingy and he's grown out of that now. He actually has several little friends. His besties are James, Naomi, and Omar. 

He's a cautious kid. He never goes down the slide at a park. He only likes to swing on the swing a little bit and that is just a recent development. He just recently did the tricycle thing. He won't go in the swimming pool without me in there holding him. Otherwise he just sits with his feet resting on the first step. He still loves to run and kick a ball though! I guess he's a feet on the ground kind of kid. 

I love my special 3 year old "Big Boy!" who is full of love and stubbornness and is powered by juice and a passion for trains. 



Iris said...

*tear* he's so big and such a wonderful little boy. I loved the part where he says you're beautiful! What a sweet heart. Can't believe he is 3 :)

Happy Birthday!

Yara said...

Powered by juice... love it!

Therese said...

Ok first of all, the husband wife blogging team is just too cute!
Next... Adam..3!! He is such a big boy now! You are doing a great job mama and I love to watch the kids from a far via your blog!!
I hope to see you girls soon at park days!

Lauren S. said...

This is so adorable. Such great pictures. We yuv Anum!!