Friday, June 18, 2010

Peas in a Pod

Our neighbors just left for Egypt for the summer. WAH! I'll miss them. Frannie and Omar play just about every single day and they never get sick of each other. I have to tell him to go home all of the time, and then 15 minutes later he'll be back in the garage. Omar is a good kid, but boy does he have a knack for breaking things. He reminds me of one of those puppies that chews on your favorite shoe. When you find the shoe with tooth marks and slobber all over and scold the dog, he just looks at you with this face like "Huh? Me? What did I do?" He's broken flower pots, my mini blinds, he made the roof of the playhouse collapse, he cracked the plastic pool, he's made Adam trip by chasing him with a hula hoop and then hooking him by the ankles. He runs too fast, jumps from high places, and in general doesn't think much about the cause/effect of what he's doing. He's six.

But he and Frannie and Adam play well together and rarely fight.

On one day Frannie took a bunch of pictures. These made me smile.


traceyjay said...

those pictures are great! (I love seeing what kids take pictures of).

Good luck keeping them entertained!

(and thanks for the last post too... I keep saying to myself, "I just want it to look nice," or something to that effect.)

Courtney said...

LOVE that she took a picture of the toilet.