Saturday, September 25, 2010

Having Fun with Frannie's Hair

Since my brother and Stefanie are getting married in one week and Frannie will be a flower girl, I've been spending time visiting hair blogs to get some ideas for her hair. There are some really talented women out there!

Check out these amazing styles.
These are done by Girly Dos by Jen

And another one I've spent a lot of time on is Adopt a Do. She gives really great tutorial videos.

Each of these ladies has other hair blogs linked on their sidebars so I've visited several of those as well.

Anyways, watching all of these videos has inspired me to have a little more fun with my girl's hair. At first, when I spent a bit more time on Frannie's hair she was really squirrelly and didn't like me to do it. She complained that her legs were tired and moved constantly. I saw on one of the videos that the woman's daughter sits up on the counter while she does her hair and I thought "Brilliant!" That has helped a lot because now Fran doesn't have to stand for so long and she can even eat a bagel or something while I am working on her. Also, as soon as Frannie could really see what the finished product looked like, she honestly stopped complaining about it, because she liked it :) Just looking from a handheld mirror didn't help, so I got the idea on that first day to take a picture of it so she could really see it.

So here is my first weeks worth of hairdos.

Taking advantage of the next-day curl

It's fun! I went out and bought a few supplies. A rat-tail comb for one, and some thin black hairbands. I need a few more thick hairbands too. I'd also like to get a few more embellishments for her hair, but I can't do any clips that will bug the back of her head when she's in the car. So the classic hair bows with metal clippies are out. I'm thinking she might be ok with a simple ribbon.  


Shannon said...

Okay, and I was starting to feel special b/c my french braid was improving ... check YOU out!!!

These are GRRREAT! :D

Iris said...

I watch AdoptaDo! You did great and Frannie looks like she likes to have her hair done :) Do you do her hair every day for school?

Jamie said...

Iris- I have been now since I discovered how much fun I'm having with it. There are so many cute styles! The next thing I need is a topsy tail.

Laurel said...

I didn't know there were such things as hair blogs! I read this and checked out your links, what great ideas! I think that's one of the fun things about having girls is getting to play with their hair. If you want to put clips in her hair but are afraid they will bother her in the car, why don't you just do her hair at home, but wait to put the clips in until you get there? I also think ribbons are a good idea, or flowers.

Great job!

Lauren S. said...

so cute!! good job. she's got such a gorgeous head of hair. :)

Jamie said...

@Laurel- Oh I know you are going to have so much fun with Natalie's hair! It really is a nice thing.

@Lauren- Thank you!