Monday, September 6, 2010

Nit Nat News

Here's my little sweetie pie showing her cute new set of chompers! She's actually got two more little ones on top on either side of the fronts. I just love love love this baby girl. I just love having a baby to squish and love on in general, so Nit Nat gets a lot of attention. 

She is 15 months old. She has a love affair with the phone. She takes it, pushes millions of buttons, calls Japan, and says "hiii" in her little sweet voice. 

Just look at that sweet beach belly baby.

She's a messy one all right. I call her my dirty stinky smelly stinky ol baby. I say that in the sweetest way possible of course. She loves to go into the backyard and squish the box elder bugs. She'll sometimes bring half-dead ones into the house to show me. Cool. 

Here she is happy as a clam in the backyard hunting for bugs. 

We visited Granny and Nan this weekend. Here she's getting a kiss from her Great-great grandma Nan. Nan is a sweetie who loves the babies too. 

I know that some of the things Jason really loves is how she runs right up to him with her arms outstretched saying Da da! as soon as he comes home from work. She'll drop whatever she's doing to welcome him home.  Then she follows him into the garage and does her "uhn uhn" sound while pulling up on the bicycle. She wants a ride! 

One of the things I love the best is her face when I come into her bedroom in the morning or after a nap. It is just so full of light and joy. One of these days I need to remember to take the camera in with me when I first get her. I love that face. 

I also love how she runs with her hands fully open with all fingers flexed. She kind of throws her chest forward and arms back with hands open wide and RUNS! It's so cute to me!

Ok, ok, my gush fest is over. :)


Lauren S. said...

oh dear, what sweet baby you've got there. too cute!

JennyLynn said...

She is so very sweet!

Iris said...

Your love for her is so sweet! She is your little baby <3