Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 A Year in Pictures

In January- I turned 31. Frannie started ballet.

In February- Frannie turned 5.

I spent my time nursing a chubby baby and quelling tantrums.

In March- I let Frannie quit ballet. We spent Tuesdays at the park.

In April- Jason turned 34. He ran his first Mud Run.

We became more of a bicycle family than a dancing family.

In May- Natalie turned 1! I signed Frannie up for gymnastics. We finally went camping!

In June- Adam turned 3. He took his first train ride to a baseball game with Daddy, Grandpa Tom, Uncle Ryan and Grandpa Marr. He still talks about it!

In July- It was hot.

Natalie learned that possession is nine-tenths of the law. 

In August- More running. 

More biking

No more training wheels! Jason taught him super-fast. 

More swimming

And just hangin' out

In September-Frannie started kindergarten.

I hosted my 15th Bradley Reunion

Jason fixed up this bike

And then took pictures of it around town

He's so silly! Gotta love him!

In October- We had the Marr-Camarillo wedding

Kevin, Stef's Dad, Frances, Bryan, Stefanie, Alex

Adam loves trains! "Choo! Choo!"

In November- More time at the park

Time with Reemie.

Selling lemonade

I had fun with hairstyles

Natalie turned 18 months. I started noticing her super-messy destructive side. I'll say that now I notice it every day. She's my most "into everything" kid yet! If there's a bowl, she'll upend it. If there's crayons she'll dump them or eat them and spit out the bits. When I go into the kitchen there is pantry food like cake mix boxes all out on my floor. She trails my yarn through the house. Squishes toothpaste tubes. Draws on herself. Climbs onto the table. Empties the bathroom drawer. And then CRIES and kicks when you remove her. Yep. It's going to be a long year ahead!

 Time with family

Ryan, Doreen, Jenny, Jason


Jason also did his first mountain bike race since high school but I can't find a picture of it.

In December- I went Black Friday shopping for the first time (well technically end of November.) Just wanted to do it because it seemed sorta fun. And it was! Although I'm undecided if I'll do it again.

And then of course it was time for Christmas morning!

And resting over winter break

CHEERS 2010!


The Staker Family said...

What a great post! You have an adorable family, I love the family picture at the end. Just be grateful that when you go Black Friday Shopping it's not 12 degrees like it was here. (yes that's fahrenheit!)

Lauren S. said...

love this! what a great review!