Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 New Year's Resolutions

1. I need to get an emergency kit together for the house. I need to get a week's worth of food and water and some basic medical supplies and figure out where to store this stuff.

2. I want to improve my Spanish. Particularly my conversational Spanish. I really need someone to talk to me like a toddler and I know I would learn really quickly. Since I don't have that, I need to be braver and maybe order food at restaurants and look for more opportunities to speak when I can. I learn well with music so I'd like to buy more music cd's. There is a book called 501 Spanish Verbs that would probably be good for me to have as well. I really wish someone would make a book called "Spanish Commands for Mothers". Brush your teeth! Get dressed! Get in the car! Put your shoes on! Stop it! etc..etc.. :)

3. My dad gave me a Food and Wine cookbook that has some delicious-sounding recipes. I won't go so far as to have a goal to make everything in the book a'la Julie & Julia, but I do want to try some new things and expand my cooking skills a bit.

4. I have several picture frames in the house, propped up and everything, with NO pictures inside. I keep meaning to print up pictures for the frames and just haven't. So for over a year at least I've been staring at cute frames with no cute family members inside. Isn't that dumb? So I am making a New Year's resolution to change that and fill the darn picture frames with pictures.


Yara said...

We should get together, and you should make me speak Spanish. It'd be win-win; my kids should really know at least some basic spanish.

Jamie said...

Yes Yara! That sounds fantastic!

Or excuse me, "Si, Yara! Es fantastico!" :)

Jamie said...

Babblefish says it should be,
Si Yara! Eso sueno fantastico