Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My foray back into blogging

People keep asking me, "How come you don't blog anymore?" and I don't have a great answer other than, "I don't want to."

But I'm here tonight at the computer because I'm sad and miserable and who the heck wants to listen to someone drone on and on about their misery? No one. So I'm droning at the computer instead.

So what is this silly thing that's making me so sad?

My Frannie went back to school last week and I hate it. It's 10:45pm and I'm sitting here crying, yes, CRYING because tomorrow is another school day and she'll be gone from 8-2:20. And I just HATE IT! I miss her too much dammit! I miss my little girl. And shit, she's gone so much she's just going to turn into a big girl like a snap and I'll freaking miss half of it because she's gone all day.

I do feel I'm being a little overly dramatic here. And I'm almost embarrassed that I'm so damn sad about this. I know people send their children to school every day and this has been done for a LONG time and I know all of this. She's enjoying school and is happy every day when I pick her up.

It's me.

I just feel a little lost without her here. I know I've got Adam and Nattie, but they're a bit lost without her here too. She's the one who orchestrates all of the games. Anyways, so that's it. My Frannie started 1st grade and I'm miserable that I've got a whole school year of this. I'm already thinking forward to the next vacation when I can have her back.


Yara said...

I'm sorry <3

Grace2Dow said...

you're a wonderful mama for missing her.. a lot of the people I nanny for aren't bothered by being away from their kiddos all day.


Iris said...

I cried with you. I think I will be the same way when Eddie gets to school. Just keep busy, busy, busy and you will adjust too. She is such a big girl now. That last picture she looks so much older :)