Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Park Days

The very best thing about being a SAHM are the park days. Today was an amazingly beautiful day with a breeze that was just right and sun that dappled through the trees. I met with other moms from the GCH group and the kids just played and played and played. At one point it seemed a group of them had gathered sticks and were herding around like a pack looking for things to poke. As for me, I just talked and held Adam. This is the life!! Seriously! For all that I may complain from time to time about how hard it can be (especially times when the kids are sick or it seems like 4 things need to be tended to all at once) really, truly, this is the life. I'm so lucky! Sometimes the weekdays seem better than the weekends only because I have one less mouth to feed during the day on weekdays. Come weekends it seems like I am always cooking a big breakfast that makes a big mess and then a big lunch. Still I like weekends too though. What I really like are these park days!

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