Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things my Frannie won't remember when she's older

Dear Frannie,
When you are all grown up you are going to be a special woman. For now, you are my special little girl and I treasure each day we have together. There are so many parts to the person you are now, that will only be my memories when you're older. Will you remember how I tuck you in bed each evening like a flower and water sprinkles all over your head? Will you remember how I sing "A Whole New World" and "Other Girls" each and every night? Will you remember how you ask for cuddlin' and just want to sit folded up in my lap? Will you remember your temper tantrums when you're tired and your exhuberance when we go somewhere new? How about our time together at the grocery store how you comment on each and every thing in every aisle? You are loud and excited and proclaim "We gotta get the pickles! Don't forget the pickles? Silly mama! You don't wanna forget the pickles! Oh! (Shaking head)" Everyone in the grocery store looks at you and smiles at you and wonders how old you are.

Sometimes as your mama I wonder if you will ever grow out of your size 6 1/2 "sparklies". Will you outgrow the waist of your 18mo. pink pants or will they just keep getting shorter? Will you keep biting off your toenails? Will you ever know all of your colors? (Thank goodness I finally taught you the colors red and yellow. Before everything was green.) Will you always run with your knees up high like a pony? I hope so! I hope that laugh of yours never changes, I need to get it on tape.

Will you always be a sensitive girl who is quick to love and laugh, and also to cry and get hurt feelings?

I wish I could take these days and put them in a little time capsule so that when I am an old woman I can reach in and grab just a little of it back. I know that these are my most blessed days. When you are older, you will remember many things that we do together and you can help remind me. But for now, and for the days that have already passed, I am the only one who holds these memories in my consciousness. Thank God I have your father so we can remember together!


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this is precious.

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