Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bradley Reunion Day!

Today we had our Bradley Reunion for the latest batch of sweet babies born.

Pictured from left to right are April and Julius with Melody; Armida and Stephen with Armida; James and Alisha with Ariana; Mande and Guy with Boaz; Laurel and her sister Carol with Matthew, there's good ol' me; and at the bottom is Michelle with Julie.

Missing were Deanna and Janay with Janai; Leslie and Robert with Julia; and Autumn and Jason with Emma. And Michelle's hubby Jerome was missing too. Can't forget him!

Edit: And as Laurel rightly mentioned, her hubby is serving our country in Iraq which is why Carol was her coach. He was a great support overseas though! Thank you David!


Laurel said...

AND Laurel's husband Dave is in Iraq, which is why she brings her sister!

Sonja said...

Wowza, lotsa girls!

Iris said...


You've already changed since the last time we saw you. I showed this picture to G and he asked if "that lady hadn't had her baby yet." I told him that was YOU! It's like your baby grew suddenly! I wonder if it's a boy :)

Jamie said...

Yeah, I'm pretty much feeling like a pregnant beast now. I should write a new update where I'm not quite so cheerful because...well...I'm not quite so cheerful anymore! And I'm only gonna get bigger. Just you wait.

The Staker Family said...

You look so cute all pregnant! How great is it that all of those women have such supportive husbands! I joked with my friend and told her she would have to come and be my doula because Allan is not very helpful when I am having a baby. Well, I shouldn't say that, he stays with me the entire time and he will help me hold my legs when I push (sorry that's a little graphic) but comfort and encouragement are not his strong suits!

Jamie said...

You should try Bradley. It teaches the husbands what to do. Otherwise they just stand there like you are a swingset they need to put together w/ instructions only in Chinese. I'm glad he was a good leg-holder. That's a start! *I do like doulas too though.