Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pregnancy Update- 31 Weeks

I figured it was time to update again. My dad was here this afternoon so I asked him to take a picture of me. The Belly has grown quite a lot in these last few weeks. Some say I look bigger than last time, others say smaller. I think I'm just carrying a little differently. I'm carrying more similarly to when I had Frannie. I've gained 25lbs so far which is normal for me. I gained 40+ lbs in both pregnancies. With Frannie I gained 40 exactly and with Adam I just stopped weighing myself after I got to 40 :P. Because I began this pregnancy 10lbs heavier I hoped to only gain 30lbs but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. It feels like every week I'm gaining at least 2lbs so I'm on track to gain 40 again. How I do I feel about this? Well, I have mixed feelings about it. I have had very straightforward deliveries, so if this is what my body wants to do to grow a baby then I don't care how big the bootie gets. But I'm definitely feeling like a "big girl" right about now. Even my maternity jeans feel too small, so I'm spending more time in workout pants.

As far as the health of me and baby, we are both doing well. My blood work is good. Blood pressure good. Baby moves a lot as he/she should. I pray for a healthy baby. I have my request in for one of those painless deliveries. We'll see how that pans out :P.

I have two more months to go. I'm enjoying this time, and I'm not feeling guilty about letting the kids watch TV in the morning so I can sleep in, or when I take an afternoon nap instead of do the laundry.


The Postl's said...

You look great! I know when you are the one who is pregnant you never really feel that way, but it is true!

Good for you for taking a little time for yourself!

Iris said...

Alright Jamie! I am totally rooting for you to take those wonderful naps! Those were the best. I miss them (haven't slept well since January 09)

Honestly, I think you look very beautiful! I wouldn't just say that. You really do! I am a little envious of your belly right now. I totally miss mine.

Look at your cutie kids :) Aww the pic with them is gonna be cool to look at, with them, in about 20 years ;)

Jamie said...

Well I know that both of you (Natalie and Iris) were gorgeous throughout pregnancy. Some days I feel cute and others...well not so much!

Laurel said...

Carol and I were just talking about how one of the nice things about being pregnant is that you can get totally fat and still look totally cute. Now, I am not pregnant anymore, so I am just fat and flabby!

Jamie said...

Fat and flabby? Not the Laurel I know!