Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Pregnancy Update

It occurred to me last week that I've maybe made one mention on this blog of my pregnancy. I think it was my 2009 in Review post. Other than that, I haven't brought it up, shown pictures, nada!

There is no specific reason for this other than I've been more focused on the kids and other aspects of my life than on my pregnancy. With my first, I have so many pictures of my growing belly from the first little bump when I thought I was "so big!" to the final shot when I really was SO BIG! But this time around no one has taken pictures of me. Not even casual ones. So last week at the park I had Lauren take this shot of me at 26 weeks. So there. It is now documented proof that I am indeed pregnant with an ever-growing abdomen :)

I do think my SIL plans to take nice shots of me and the kids, so when that happens I'll post those.

Overall this pregnancy has been a piece-o-cake. Really. I can't complain. I can still sleep. Almost no heartburn this time. Maybe one week of morning sickness. I'm not far enough along to feel that extreme heaviness deep in my abdomen. Basically, it's all good. I still have three months to go, so I still have time to have something to complain about. But for now, I'm just enjoying this ho-hum time.

I've gained 19lbs so far. 12 of them were in the last month alone! Ack! I guess baby decided to grow or something (and blood volume doubles between 24-28 weeks). Now that I'm getting into my third trimester and "late May" doesn't seem so far away, I'm starting to gear up for having a baby. I have begun to go on brisk 15 min walks after dinner; I'm doing pelvic rocks during tv commercials; I'm squatting more and doing general stretches. There is a song that keeps playing in my mind when I walk. It's this tribal tune that goes "I'm opening up in sweet surrender to this beautiful baby in my womb. I'm ooooopening. I'm oooooopening. I'm oooopening. I'm ooooopening." Then it repeats the same lines over and over again. Something about the rhythm of it and repetition just gets into my head and gives me a good focus.

Prior to all of this new commitment to exercise and stuff I've basically done nothing! I guess going up and down the stairs several times a day must count for something, but I'm not giving myself too much credit there.

I get asked a lot if we're having a boy or girl, but of course I have no idea. For those who don't know this about me, I've actually never had an ultrasound scan. I've never seen my baby in the womb.

Why? Well, it's kind of a complicated answer but I'll try.

With Frannie, I thought you HAD to have an ultrasound. But Lori told me it was actually optional unless there was a medical reason presenting itself (bleeding, possible breech, suspicion of twins, etc..). Since I would have had to pay $175 out of pocket to go get one, my frugal self decided that I didn't want to spend the money for something that wasn't necessary. Jason and I had decided we didn't need to know the sex of the baby anyways, so at that point, what was the point?

With Adam it was the same reason, although by that time I had started to have other reasons why I didn't want an ultrasound. I have met many many mothers who have been told something was wrong with their baby in the womb and it turns out to be nothing. Two people close to me and several other mothers in class have been told their babies showed markers for Downs. The babies were born perfect. Many mothers in class have spent their pregnancies being paranoid about an ultrasound tech telling them their baby is too big. Or the cord is wrapped around the neck or this or that or whatever. And the baby is always fine. And the delivery is always no biggie. But there is all that emotional energy invested into being upset and worried. So I've decided that I'd rather just leave the baby alone to do its growing and I'll meet him or her in time. Perfect or not. I'll take whatever baby I get.

So at this point, I'm just not into ultrasounds anymore. And I'm still frugal and I don't want to pay $175 for it! Occasionally I have bouts of weakness when I reeeeeally want to know if I'm having a son or daughter, and I do think that experience of seeing the baby in there would be really cool. But then the urge passes, and I start having fun again with guessing. An unexpected perk is that having gender-neutral newborn items has been a terrific thing.

We do have two names picked out. We're still ironing out middle names. But that news of course will have to wait :)


Anonymous said...

Instead of Bear maybe Yogi would do. Ma

Jamie said...

Now you are going to confuse everyone who reads this!!! :P

The Dahl House said...

you are pregnant!! Congrats Jaime! I had no idea :) That is so great! Little Haylie will be here around April 24th!

Yara said...

Well that threw me off.... I cant remember what I was gonna say. Geesh. LOL
so are you considering the name Bear? I like that... : )
Okay, now I think since we dont know the sex, we can at least know the names... please... please...
hee hee

oh and your bump is so adorable.

wait, I remember; you will definitely have either a boy or a girl. When people asked me (before we found out) "what are you having?" I said "A baby"
My friend answered the same question with "a gummy bear"

Jamie said...

Lol! you're so funny yara. I knew my Mom's post would be confusing. I suppose I should try the gummi bear response, but I don't mind being asked :)

Mindy- I'm looking forward to seeing your baby announcement on Facebook! I'm still following your status updates. You know if there is anything I can help with, I'm here. Haylie is a very cute name!

The Postl's said...

Yeah! You are such a cue pregnant lady! I'm so glad that this pregnancy has been pretty easy so far, you are one lucky momma. Thanks for the update and let me know if you ever need anything..dinner...a nap...whatever.

Jamie said...

Oh, Natalie...I could ALWAYS use a nap!

Iris said...

I was wondering why there weren't any updates about your pregnancy.
You look soooo pretty and happy, like a new mom.
I miss being pregnant. I think the 25-30 weeks were my favorite! I enjoyed them the most :)

Jamie said...

Yes, this time of pregnancy isn't bad at all. Sometimes I wish the kids could open the fridge and get their own drink so I don't have to roll my gut off of the couch, but I know in 2 months I'm going to REALLY wish for it. Maybe I'll let Frannie take her chances with the OJ and hope it makes its way into a cup.