Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 Weeks of Natalie!

Well my darlin', you've been in this world for a little over 3 weeks and we are all over the moon in love with you. Mama, Daddy, Sissy, and Brother. EVERYONE loves baby Natalie.

Here are some memories of life in these first three weeks:

1. My postpartum with you was very good. I think the hardest part were the afterbirth pains that lasted several days. Day 2 was pretty intense and it sounded like I was in labor all over again when I'd have one. The best part of this postpartum period were all of the yummy meals that the MOMS club gals brought to me and just general love and affection by family and friends. Made me feel all special :)

2. Adam took a bit of time to understand you. What is a baby afterall? It is sort of a confusing experience if you think about it. One day your mama has a huge tummy that she points to and says "baby" and the next day she points to this creature in her arms and says "baby". It really makes no sense. When you were about 4 days old, I had you lying down on the floor and Adam layed down next to you. And that was your official introduction!! That's when you became a baby and a sister and his Now-wee. Adam enjoys pointing at all of your body parts and saying the names. And he enjoys "Cuddwing" with you.

3. Frannie you have been my super special most awesome helper. I think every new mother needs a four year old in the house. Not only are you a big help to mama in getting things for Natalie, but you take good care of your brother too. You can take his shirt and pants off when he spills yogurt all over them, and you can stir the oatmeal when it comes out of the microwave and serve it into bowls for you and brother. On top of that you are learning to clean up the house pretty well. As long as there is the promise of a popsicle or some Sweet Tarts at the end of it all, you will clean up the toys in the living room and your bedroom and make your bed very well. You are just wonderful.

4. Natalie- you have a fussy period in the evening that seems to last from 7-10 or 11pm. Unfun. But I guess it's just normal. Daddy and I have tried everything to get you to settle down, but you seem determined to squawk at that time of evening. By the time 11 rolls around we are TIRED! Tired from all of the holding and rocking and bouncing and shushing and passing back and forth. Ugh. But after your evening of letting us know how inept we are you will sleep for about 3 hours before waking again.

5. I am finishing up my second week of being on my own during the day with the three of you. I'm doing pretty well I think, but traveling is still tricky. I think I've put you all in the car exactly 3 times in the past two weeks. Tomorrow will hopefully be a fourth. The one thing that has been helping me the most in terms of keeping my energy up is the fact that the three of you all take a nap in the middle of the day and I take one too. I've been unplugging the phone and as soon as I eat my lunch I catch up on sleep.

That's all for now!


Iris said...

Awww Jamie! You are a GREAT mommy. I have to tell you, I've always loved my mom. But I love her even more for doing what you are doing now. You will become someone very important in their lives (you already are) but what I mean is they will realize it when they are older. :)

Jamie said...

That's really sweet Iris. Thank you. I hope so too.

Therese said...

Awww what a sweet picture at the end- and Adam cuddling his now-wee is sooooo sweet. Annie liked to cry in the evening too. Its hard. But newbies are so sweet. Thanks for the update! I love to read them

Lauren S. said...

good update! she's a little beauty and definitely has a different look than the other two. :)

Humble Mama said...

How very lovely all your pictures helps that you have such adorable children:) Congrats on having another sweet Castillo..And btw Helena said "Awwww" a bunch of times lol