Sunday, June 7, 2009

Adam Turns 2!

Dear Adam,
You turned two years old a few days ago. On Saturday we had a little party for you with the family. It is amazing to me how much you have grown in the past two weeks. Yes, I wrote that right. The past two weeks. Ever since your baby sister Natalie was born it is as though you have shot up in age and suddenly you aren't such a baby anymore but a BIG boy. Compared to her teeny tiny boody, your bum looks ginormous. Yep. And that's why we're starting to potty train.

At two years old you still LOVE to play with any sort of ball. The question isn't whether you will play sports in the future, the question is what sport will you play? Any sport that involves a ball be it hit with a bat or racket or kicked with your foot is a good thing. Your other two loves right now are Thomas the Tank Engine and bugs. Ever since we got you and your sister that train set you've been "Choo! Choo! Chaaaain" all of the time. "Watch. Thoma Chaaaaain" (You always draw out the last word of every sentence you speak.)

Personality-wise you are a mixture. Essentially you are on the serious side. Kind of grumpy. Although you definitely appreciate a good ticklin'. You are not the social butterfly that Sissy is. You prefer to have your space. Big Omar across the street has been trying to be your friend for weeks and weeks. Every time he says "Hi Adam!" you shout at him "NOOOOOO!" Omar asks me, "How come he doesn't like me?" and I have to explain that you are like one of those kitty cats that you can't just directly approach. You just have to be around enough and give him time to sniff you out in some indirect way before he'll decide you're ok. The other day Daddy was outside with you playing with the plastic baseball and bat and Omar came outside and started throwing the ball to you. And you let him. It is the first time you've let him interact with you at all. Here's a picture of big Omar.

You and Frannie continue to spend your days playing together and also fighting too. The older you get the more I can see you catching up to her in some ways. Now that you are the middle brother it will be interesting to see how your relationships with your sisters play out.

Mom and Dad and the whole family love you so much and love watching you grow!


Iris said...

Oh I am so glad you did this for him. Perhaps in the future, you can have their birthday parties together. IF they want that :)

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to Adam!!!