Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Pics and some Milestones

*Adam has finally ditched his bottle for a regular cup.

*Adam is doing an awesome job with potty training with the help of lots of naked time and M&M rewards. It is tricky transistioning from being potty trained at home to being potty trained in public, so I think it will be awhile for that. Public toilets kind of scare him. They're high and loud.

*Natalie learned how to roll over yesterday. I'm completely shocked because I don't remember Frannie being able to do this until she was closer to 4 months old and Adam was probably in his third month. This chicky is still in her second month. It's crazy. I guess all of that tummy time is working for her.

*Thank goodness Natalie will finally take a bottle. Tonight was the first time she would drink from one after two weeks of us trying. This is a big relief to me since I start a new series next week. This article helped a lot.

*Frannie has learned to read a little bit. I was working with her a lot before the baby was born, but I just don't have the time really right now. So I'm hoping to start back with teaching her. I bought these I See Sam books and they've been great. She's about half-way through the books. It's getting a little challenging with increased sight-words. And since we aren't practicing as much I'm sure she's forgotten some things. I'm also trying to teach her how to clean her room. I've learned that it doesn't work to say "Frannie, go clean your room!" because she really doesn't know HOW to clean it. So I'm sitting in there with her every morning and we go through it step by step. First is making the bed. Then we stand at the door and look for things that are on the floor. I've simplified the kids' room a lot to make it easier for her. Adam helps a little bit too, but mostly in a copycat way. He tries!

*Adam still has temperamental ways but he's getting better. And I'm getting better at dealing with them. I pretty much just make him sit on the bottom stair step the moment he shows his angry attitude. If I wait and allow him to be angry then it will develop into a full blown tantrum, but if I nip it in the bud right away then he changes his attitude much faster and says "Sowee". Because his first reaction to almost everything that doesn't go his exact way is to get angry it means that he gets sent to that stair step a LOT. But it is a quick consequence that doesn't make me angry and ruin my day in the process of disciplining him. He is really a very sweet scrumptious boy and now that this part is going better, I'm able to enjoy his sweet-boy ways much more. :)

The pics that look like pencil drawings are the result of Jason playing around with PhotoShop.


Lauren S. said...

looking good!

Iris said...

Jamie, I think I am going to have to come back to your blog in a few years when Eddie is Adam's age. He is already a grunter and DEMANDS what he wants. Not sure how to deal at this age :) :S :) Love your blogs.

I can't believe Nat is already turning over! Big girl!

Jamie said...

That sounds familiar Iris. The grunting and demanding that is. For the most part if what they want is acceptable I let them have it, but if it isn't then usually it's just best to distract at his age. He's about 7 months right?

Seems like somewhere around 12 months is when it really kicks in and they have to be taught that ugly word NO! times. :P

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of 2 peas in a pod;that pic of you and jason. ma-ma-in-la

Therese said...

Hey Jamie - Great pics! That last one with Natalie is adorable- even though she is looking away from the camera, she totally has your eyes!