Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week Two Complete

Under normal circumstances yesterday would've been the day that I'd quit. Why? I was very tired from the day so I had no motivation to get out there. Under normal circumstances Jason would've gotten home, we would all plop in our seats for dinner and then we'd be hustling the kids upstairs for baths or downstairs doing dinner dishes.

But Jason called me from the road and told me he was coming home and to get suited up. So even though I was really tired, I did.

When I got out there I decided to do the week 1 intervals, but after the five minute warm up I changed my mind and decided to just try the extra thirty seconds. After my first 90 second interval I didn't feel so bad. After my two minute walk period I figured I'd go for another 90 second interval. It surprised me, but I actually started to feel less tired and I felt some of the stress of the day coming off of me. I ended up doing my normal week two workout.

I had a horrendous day at home today with lots and lots of crying in this house. Natalie was crying so much today I almost called the doctor. Adam had to sit in time out probably eight times for either whacking his sister or tantrums. He even started to throw a tantrum in the check out line at the store and I made him sit on the floor near a gumball machine. Frannie wasn't so bad or anything but my goodness how can one child have so many juice and drink requests? And cup specifications? It's like a waitress taking orders for this that and the other all day long. By 3:00 I was doing a countdown to when Jason would be home from work.

So even though this isn't my day to go running, I got Jason on the line and asked if I could go today anyways. Just because I needed to get out of the house. This time I wanted to run and it felt really good. And it did the trick to work some of that stress off of me.

Now week two is done and it's time to start week three. Here are the intervals:

Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then do two repetitions of the following:
Jog 90 seconds
Walk 90 seconds
Jog 3 minutes
Walk 3 minutes

If this Couch to 5K program has taught me anything it is that I really am out of shape. As embarrassing as this is to admit, I have some sore muscles. True, the first half of my jog is uphill so maybe that's part of it.

Jason introduced me to a neat program called Map My Run where you can figure out the distance of your exercise path. My original path was 1.88 miles but we figured out a small detour to add a bit of distance to make it 2 miles even. And when I'm ready to add distance I can go back to this program and find a new route. It's really neat :)


Iris said...


You probably already do, but I hope you realize how wonderful it is that you have hubby's support. I am impressed by you! You are doing SO GREAT! Keep it up!

Here is my blog:

Shannon said...


Sorry about your super long, cry-filled day ... I know all about 'em. Ugh. And I also know about the time outs for hitting ... what is it w/ 2yo boys needing to hit their baby siblings? Brenna NEVER did that. She also didn't have nearly as many tantrums as he has. The twos are a whole new experience this time around!

The running DEFINITELY relieves stress. So, though I don't necessarily look forward to the work of running, I DO look forward to the me-time and getting rid of some of that extra energy/stress that builds up throughout the day. I feel much more chill when I return.

It's GREAT your hubby is so supportive of your goals, and understanding of your needs!!!

Off to check out "Map My Run" ... sounds cool!

Hang in there - sounds like you're doing GREAT!

Lauren S. said...

oh good Lord. my two year old. oy.

i understand completely.

and you are so fabulous, running all over town. wow.

Therese said...

I remember a long time ago when Annie was a baby and you just had Frannie, we were at a party at your SIL's house and Annie was crying and having a tantrum and we had to leave. You were so concerned that there was something wrong. But sometimes there just isn't anything 'wrong' and they gotta cry! I'm sure after having Adam and now widdle Natalie you are more than understanding!

Therese said...

Oh yes and I wanted to say that I did great the first 2 weeks of C25K! But I got a sniffle this week and it threw me off. I'm starting back week 2 again on Monday. Lets keep this up!