Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Baby

She's always a part of the action. I'd say there is never a dull moment in her world. From that moment in pregnancy when I realized that God likely created so much protection for babies in the womb to guard against toddler elbow and foot blows to the abdomen, to these moments when there is pretty much a constant stream of whoops and shouts in her ear, she really has never been alone. She is sweet, mellow, joyful, always on the floor or riding on my hip. She's very nearly crawling. I enjoy watching her get up on all fours and do that back and forth rocking and big chest lunge as she goes for an object. She rolls all over the living room and spends ample time playing with her favorite toys: her feet. My heart breaks and rejoices every time I look at her. She's growing. When they are babies it feels as though they will be babies forever. And then something changes, and then something else a little more. Anyways, I cherish her and cherish her babyhood. I delight in all of her ways.

I love the baby fat rolls on her back.
Her infectious ample laugh.
Her pudgy feet.
Her soft brown ducky hair.
Her squishy booty.
The way her legs run run run when I'm holding her on my hip facing outward.
I appreciate that's she's pretty easy to put to sleep.
I like watching the kids make her laugh.
I love the huge smile she gets on her face when I pick her up out of her play pen after a nap.
She feels so good in my arms to hold and cuddle.

I'm feeling sentimental because I just realized today that she'll be 6 months old already on Thanksgiving Day and I can't believe it.


The Staker Family said...

I can't believe how fast that went! Your kids are all so cute, you have a lovely family. Great job being an amazing mother!

Lauren S. said...

She's such a sweet little baby girl!

Iris said...

All of the pictures are cute, but the first and second picture melt my heart. SO CUTE! I totally feel you, Jamie. But you are doing the right things by writing down all of these memories and saving them here. Nat is really turning into a total cutie, chubby cheek, wittle princess. I just want to kiss her!

Shannon said...

Talk about living parallel lives - I could have written this SAME post ... in fact, I was planning to tomorrow, which is Brogan's 6 month b-day! :/

"My heart breaks and rejoices every time I look at her. She's growing." <-- You said it well - so true. Sighhhh.

Yara said...

I can't believe she'll be 6 months! Time sure does go fast.
She is so adorable <3

Jamie said...

Thanks guys! *sniff!*