Sunday, November 15, 2009

So I'm in a book

Many moons ago I was on the Hathor the Cowgoddess site and saw that the comic writer Heather was asking for birth story submissions. I went ahead and did a simple copy/paste from the quickie birth story I wrote up after Adam was born. Done.

I completely forgot that I did that until about 8 months ago I got a random email saying that she had chosen my birth story and would I please fill out a release form.


So I did, still thinking that maybe it wasn't quite anything. Afterall it had been over a year since I sent that story.

But it turns out it was something, and that something is now in the form of a book titled Simply Give Birth and I'm on page 79.

It is a bit strange to see my birth story because there was definitely some editing done. Certain moments that were important to me in the actual birth were edited so it doesn't read the same way that I remember it happening. Jason also feels the same about that when he read it. But either which way, it's there and it's kind of cool.


Shannon said...

Kind of cool? It's REALLY cool! That's so fun! :) Congrats on being "published"!

(Brian has written/researched several that have been published - it's totally trippy to see your name in "official" print! In one book, we were thanked in the acknowledgements - didn't find out until almost a year later! Haa.)

JennyLynn said...

Yeah, Jamie...your kinda famous!

Jamie said...

Yeah, it is definitely a trippy thing :)