Thursday, November 12, 2009

Easy Breakfast for One- Dirties ONE dish

My dad gets a lot of credit for this creation but I took it a step further. To do this you need a small flat-bottomed bowl. Children's bowls work well. Pictured here is Adam's Lightning McQueen bowl. Here's how to create a super fast breakfast that dirties one dish (well, two if you count the fork):

1. Put a bagel in the toaster.

2. Spray bowl with Pam, crack in one egg and beat slightly.

3. Put in microwave for 30 seconds.

4. Egg will be fully cooked and in the perfect shape to put right on top of your now toasted bagel.

5. The possibilities are endless.


Penny Rigate said...

OMG is that AMERICAN cheese?

Jamie said...

brat! :P

-Maribel said...

That is a neat idea. I will be using for a tasty homemade version of a McMfuffin. :)

Yara said...

plastic bowls... microwaves... what kind of joint are you running there? (horrified look on face)

Haha just kidding : P
That looks really good. But right now I'm refusing to eat any bagels that are not Noah's bagels. Just because I really want a perfect bagel. But I suppose an english muffin would work just as well.
I actually saw a toaster that had a little compartment to cook your egg in it. It was pretty cool.

Jamie said...

LOL Yara. I KNEW someone would mention the plastic and microwave. Ha ha. I told my dad that my crunchy friends would not find favor with the American cheese. (He's Penny Rigate.)

But really it does work well and can be made as healthy/unhealthy as you want, depending on toppings.