Monday, August 30, 2010

Adam is Blossoming

Over the summer I've watched as Adam has really begun to come into his own. It has been so nice to see!

In my last post I showed some pictures of how he's swimming in the pool now. And just yesterday Jason taught him how to ride his bike without training wheels! It's totally amazing!

I've seen how being able to do these skills gives him so much confidence. He is always saying now that he's a Big Boy and that he's "willy stwong". Just yesterday he was screaming at the top of his lungs in the backyard and punching air. I went out there and asked what he was doing and he turned around and smiled and told me this whole story about how he was getting the dragon. So I guess he's becoming a little super hero now :)

On another note, his crying and tantrums have really changed as well. [Enter big sigh of relief.] I don't have near the problems with him that I used to. He understands "wait" and he'll say "ok, Mommy I'll wait". He always says please (sometimes even a "pwetty pwease") and thank you. He's a polite little guy! He says thank you so often that Natalie says thank you too.

He's still got that sense of humor of his and he often tells me "Ok, poo poo" and I'll answer back "Ok, poo poo". Or he says to me "Thank you sir." He tells my dad "Ok, Gwama" He's just silly.

I love my little son (ok, big boy) so very much!


Yara said...

Oh how cool!

Uh... okay poo poo? ROFL!

Lauren S. said...

OK that shot with the training wheels just tossed aside is like, professional! Way cool! Go Adam!

Iris said...

I am looking forward to this! How old is he now? Eddie is 19 months and we have been dealing with the screaming, crying and tantrums for about 2 months now. It's JUST starting for us! AHHHH! He is just way too handsome. I love his sense of humor. It made me giggle.

Jamie said...

Hi Iris,
The tantrum problem has been a long long road. So I almost feel bad for you that you are at the beginning of it. Adam turned 3 in early June.

For me the things that worked were part acceptance, and part being super consistent. For Adam, ignoring it never worked. But I did learn to accept that overall he was going to be louder and that this stage was going to take longer than it did with Frannie.

I threw a few tantrums along the way myself ;)

Iris said...

HA! I can totally hear that. I guess I will just enjoy the stage I am in, and enjoy the good with the "bad" ;)