Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Francesca's First Day of School

The alternate title for this blog is Mom Sends her First Born to School. It was just as much my first day (and Jason's and my parents') as it was hers.

I must start off by commending Frannie's bravery today. Do you what was on her mind as we were about to leave? Here it is:

Can you believe that? Now how, you may ask, did my little girl get in her mind that people would hit her or be mean to her?! I mean, this is crazy that this is what is going through her head and yet she is bravely going to school with no complaint or fuss! I am sad to say that I think the fault is a combination effort of both Reem and I. I have many teacher friends and many of the pregnant moms in my class have been teachers and I have been known to pass along a "can you believe what happened at school?" type of incident to Jason. The problem is that I've probably spoken in front of Frannie and I have a tendency to use the universal term 'kids' whether I'm referring to children her age, middle schoolers, or high schoolers. :/  I also think some of this is unintentionally Reem's doing because she comes over and tells animated stories of the kids she helps at the ICC school and will mostly talk about the ones who are really bad (don't we all do this type of thing?). And she'll often tell similar stories of crazy events that happen at her middle school. All in all I think that's what has affected Frannie's view.

So despite her cloudy outlook on what she would face, Frannie went to school and had herself a fine day.
a packed lunch

a gravity-defying walk to school
a few pics with her sibs

and her worry-wart mother and non worrier father

Here she leads the class in her part of the welcome song.

In spite of all my fears and worries, she never caves into them. She is a strong little girl who can hold her own in many situations. I think of her words "Making sure nobody hits me or bes mean to me." She isn't about to let anybody get away with anything. When I watch the video and see the little resolve in her spirit it makes me both laugh (because her answer was so unexpected!) and feel sad (that that is what she's anticipating) but in a way proud of her for being such a tough cookie!

Ok, so here's my pledge to her. To quit talking about school so d@mn much. I'm sure she's sick of it. I'm sure she's sick of hearing me talk about it, and every single other friend or relative we have who begins a series of 20 questions with her all about kindergarten, and what she'll face, and how it will be, and etc..etc..etc..etc..etc.. I'm just going to stop it. She's there already. It's out of my hands now. I need to just let her have her day and let her experience this year without trying to forecast every hill and valley.

Frannie, my dear, I love you so much. I'm glad you are who you are. 


Jenny from the block said...

You are a great mommy Jamie!!!! I hope to still see you at the park!! :)

Iris said...

This post made me so nervous. I felt like I was going to school for the first time AND like I was sending mine off to school for the first time! You are so brave too mom! I am proud of YOU! She is going to be just fine. I can already see your posts about how popular Frannie is :D I met her twice in person. She has no problem being friendly and social. I can't wait to read more about her adventures in school. Oh and you can talk about school here on your blog as much as you want (I give you permission ;)

Jamie said...

You're too cute Iris. Thanks for the permission :P

And thank you Jenny :) I fully intend on keeping the park days! So long as she isn't so exhausted she's losin' it.

Lauren S. said...

I'm sorry but that was really funny. I was LOLin'. You watch out for yourself Franny Girl! Don't let anyone push you around! :D

Lorelei said...

Who would ever want to hit or be mean to Franny? NOBODY : D

Yara said...

Awww that video... <3

And... I'm just gonna say it: I TOLD YOU SO!
She loved school & you were all just fine! Yay!
Good job mama!

Shannon said...

SO glad it went well, Jamie!

You are such a great mom - your love for your kiddos is so evident in all you say and do. They are BLESSED!!

Jamie said...

You guys are too too nice to me! :D