Saturday, August 14, 2010

The July Home Makeover finished

I know that is quite a heavy title there. And really when all is said and done it just came down to paint, a laminate floor, carpet, and some baseboards. But darnit everything looks so different, it's like I moved and got myself a brand new house! I love it!

The before shots:

Here we have white walls and white carpet
A little closer now...
Toddler graffiti'ed white walls

And not so white carpet...

I'm not a white on white type of decorator anyways, but I couldn't even pretend to keep this looking clean. The carpet the kids are standing on had been professionally shampooed only 3 months prior. 

The process of getting everything done involved 2 weeks of 
scaffolding and keeping the kids out of the house and away from open cans of paint. The rest of the month of July was the laminate floor and then carpet upstairs. 

Imagine my joy when I came home to this

and this

and brown carpet

and a green kitchen!

Did you know that it is more enjoyable to clean house when you like what you are cleaning? Fascinating how that works. Do you know how much peace of mind comes from being able to wipe up cat barf effortlessly and not feel even a smidge of disdain for the cat in the process? It's a lot of peace. 

I'm loving my new house!


Anonymous said...

I love what you did! The green looks so perfect in your kicthen. And the laminate floor sounds so nice...Tim and I want to take the carpet out in our dining room and put laminate in. :-)

Jamie said...

Thanks Carrie! You should! This floor is daily happiness.

Lauren S. said...

WOW!!! It looks so FABULOUS!! All of it...the floors and the paint, and the carpet on the stairs. I'm so happy for you. I've been dying to see it. Thanks for the sneak peak on your blog. :)

Shannon said...

Yeyyy!!! SO awesome! So glad you love it. It does make a difference, ESPECIALLY for those of us who are in our homes allllll day every day, that we love our "space." Love it!

Yara said...

Oh it is so beautiful! The green kitchen... cuuute!
Congrats Jamie

and yeah, white walls are so boring (as I look around at all my white walls *cry*) and white carpet & three kids is just begging for stains that are impossible to get out... LOL Brown is much muchier : )

Anonymous said...

Me, I will say lucky cat. There is something to be said for peace.

Therese said...

Love it, Love it LOVE it!! Wow what a make-over!! We want to tear out all of the carpet downstairs too- next tax refund!